UPS is a joke! Not what it use to be and flat out sucks!!!!

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Axel Foley, Aug 14, 2013.

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    For some damn reason I've always wanted to work here. Everyone says its a good career move if college isn't your thing. So after years of applying and checking the careers website, I finally get an appointment for a interview. I was sooooo ready to start, but little did I know how much of an terrible experience this would be! First, the HR supervisor said they were hiring for both preload and twilight shifts. I applied for twilight. It took over a month to start because somehow they were hiring for twilight but had no openings. Once I started, there was not one friendly person in the entire hub, my supervisor was weird as hell, and he expected me to be as good as his other feeder loaders on my first couple of nights. The waist belt holding my terminal was broken so I had to put it on the floor and was unable to hear if my packages were scanned or not. My barcode finger scanner was broken, my laser kept going out every two minutes, causing packages to backup even more. The rollers wouldn't lock in place, so every time I move it forward so I could start a new a wall it would slam into my foot. Its hell trying to move this thing when your boxes are backed up! My eye swelled shut due to dust and debris, and the sweat irritated it more. My supervisor never show me how to build a wall, he just said "play tetris, play tetris!", then he would be :censored2: if I wasn't stacking right. At times I would look outside my trailer and see nothing but darknest! Everyone left when they were finish but when I finished early I was told to go help this people and that person but he never sent help my way. I knew 2 small sort guys and 1 guy from pickoff so they would come help me on their way out. I asked them for advice on building my walls but they were no help! Fortunately for them they were brought in through a temp service years ago, so they never had the pleasure of doing this! Its been 3 weeks and I still haven't received a paycheck! Nothing was directly deposited in my account and no one has a paper check for me. The only thing I was told was "let me get with our HR guy and call you back".... 2 days later and still haven't received a call. To sum it up; bruises, cuts, excruciating pain, broken equipment, extreme lack of teamwork, crappy supervisor, a year wait for health benefits, and its my third week and I'm still waiting on my first paycheck! This has been the worst experience of my life and it sucks because I really hoped to stay forever and retire from this place. To make matters worse, the economy is so insane no one wants to retire which means no room for advancement at all, which means, due to seniority I will live this nightmare for at least 2 years and all for $8.50! Even when the raises come if they ever do, it still isn't worth the hassle! Now I understand how older guys make so much money. If you can put up with this crap for 15-30 years you deserve a healthy paycheck!
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    It sounds like your building is the least best of the worst.

    Hang in there you will overcome and adapt, just like boot camp!
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    You just got hired and are bitching about how it used to be?
  4. Just Numbers

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    How it used to be? I was delivering packages probably 20 years before you were born so don't lecture me on how UPS used to be. Welcome to the real world of accountability and responsibility. Thru your journeys in life if you find nirvana at a job let us know about it.
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    Cut the guy some slack. Just hang in there until you make probation. If you really hate it then quit, there are far better jobs out there.
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    Might I add some are better finically and some are better because you can make a difference in somebody's life. Just stay positive man. Keep doing it and if It doesn't get better try going to a different hub, or search for a different job.
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    Intimidation, harassment, coercion, over supervision, and not being treated with dignity, and respect, isn't for everybody. You have to be thick skinned, if not move on.
  9. Axel Foley

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    I am trying my best! Thanks!
  10. jibbs

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    You've been working for three weeks and haven't been paid? I envy your dedication-- I would not have returned the third Monday if I was left penniless on my first UPS payday. The job's not worth being paid in corporate I.O.U.'s.

    But yeah, you'll get used to it, man. Seems like when people first start out part-time with UPS they're only told that they're not good enough, not fast enough, not accurate enough, not safe enough to cut it-- you rarely hear things like "Good job yesterday," or "Awesome work, keep it up!", not just when you first start out but pretty much throughout the duration of your stay with UPS.

    It's a :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ty job, no doubt about it. I turn my mind off to that and just remember that I'm exercising with boxes and getting health insurance and a paycheck to do it. Plus, it's only 4-5 hours a day... I figure if I can't handle a tough 4-5 hours a day I might as well just give up on being a grown-up. :whiteflag:

    That's just how I look at it, at least.
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    To start off you don't know my age and if you read correctly there isn't any lecture about how it use to be! It's about my experience! I have 9 family members who are employees of ups so just like you, I've heard tons of stories about how much things have changed! I've heard 37 years of personal ups experiences from my grandfather, so yes how it use to be! Furthermore, If you've had the pleasure of packing a feeder truck in this day and time, not 30 years ago then you understand how demanding the job is and when things don't work it makes the job a lot more difficult and still i'm there each and every night 30 minutes before my shift! So being in a sloppy hub full of broke down equipment and management who refuses to pay me, there is no question of my accountability and how responsible I am! Thank you for your negative, pointless reply!
  12. Axel Foley

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    Thanks! I am doing my best! I don't quit! Maybe it's just my hub but everyone refuses to get to the bottom of why I haven't been paid, they just past it off to the next person.
  13. Axel Foley

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    Thanks! I think the job would somehow even out if someone would just pay me! Or at least "find" my paycheck!
  14. over9five

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    Welcome to Brown Cafe, Axel Foley!

    Does none of your 9 family members that work there know anyone in HR? Your payroll issue needs to be fixed immediately. I would bypass your supervisor and make a personal visit/call to HR myself.

    Good luck!
  15. Axel Foley

    Axel Foley New Member

    Thanks I think it just my hub. Even with all the negative parts of the job, Im still there each and everyday! It just makes it that much worse when you're working for free!
  16. Axel Foley

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    Well my uncle is a ups freight teamster. That's the highest pull I have, he's made some phone calls as well but gets the run around! When I ask my sup's for payroll's number nobody knows it and the HR guy is never in his trailer outside our hub so I'm not sure what the problem is!
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    Seriously dude, things have changed a lot. I wouldn't work for UPS if I had to do it over.
  18. Axel Foley

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    Thanks for understanding what im saying!
  19. Notcool

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    Sounds like a cry baby to me. It is a manual labor job of-course it is going to suck. I been loading for seven years. The things you are complaining about are minor. This job is not meant for everyone our hub for the last 4 years has 100% turnover rate because people just aren't tough anymore.
  20. ChickenLegs

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    This was a rather humorous troll thread