UPS Is Doing Great, So Should We

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    CEO Davis’s pay more than doubled in 2008, going from $2.6 million to $6.28 million, a 141 percent increase.

    UPS CEO Davis Earned $6.24M In 2009 Total Compensation. So it remained flat as the economy went south.

    The chairman and chief executive of United Parcel Service Inc. received total compensation last year(2010) valued at $9.5 million, a 73 percent jump from 2009.

    United Parcel Service in 2011 delivered a total compensation package to Chairman and CEO Scott Davis that was about 22 percent higher than in 2010. Davis’ total compensation rose to nearly $13.1 million last year, as its profit was up 14 percent to $3.8 billion.

    So it seems that despite a struggling economy our company is doing quite well. Our CEO is being rewarded, as he should be, for directing our company through these more difficult economic times. However, it's been done on the backs of the union brothers I work with everyday. Longer hours, heavier dispatches, more harrassment over production. I don't mind. I learned early on that no matter what you did today, UPS was going to ask for even more tomorrow. So as I work harder and give more to this company, I also, like our CEO, expect my compensation to rise and reflect the level of work I contribute to help make our company successful.

    I will not pay for healthcare. I will not settle for a raise that doesn't protect my standard of living. I won't sell out future UPSers or retirees to try to protect or save my pay/benefits. I will stand up for what I feel is right. What I feel I've earned in 25 years of service. I'm willing to compromise and to negotiate. I'm not willing to take steps back as our company continues to move forward.

    I'd rather go on strike. I'd rather the company fail than continue to give in to the inequality that is the norm in corporate America today. The company is managed as if our number one customer is Wall St. when in fact our real customer, Main St. suffers the consequences.

    Wealth Inequality in America - YouTube
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    I agree but Davis technically took a pay cut in 2012. It all has to do with stock option. His base pay was up 10% I believe.

    We have to get thru to Hoffa and hall that we won't take this and they might as well just walk from the table until ups gets serious.

    I understand FedEx ground is a threat but they aren't going to put us out of business in a few years. As long as ups is making a billion a quarter we shouldn't give an inch. If the time comes that we lose enough market share that concessions need to be made. We can talk concessions but that time most certainly isn't here yet.
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    if we got to that point we'd be so :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ed your concessions would mean nothing

    just saying
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    here, here...UPS is making money and is still the only game in town...Fedex is nothing but a higher step up from the USPS...will not pay for my medical
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    UPS is by far not the only game in town. Ground has grown in to a major player and will continue to expand it's presence and redefine the industry as we know it. Within the next 20 years package will not be the dominant division within UPS---logistics will be.

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    I always see on here, by a certain poster, that we would lose because we get paid $32 without a college education and the public perception would kill us.

    Unions have gotten a bad rap lately, no doubt, in the news. Unions have been forced to restructure in the auto industry because of the recession. These auto industries would go bankrupt if they didn't. The teacher's strike in Chicago this past fall was blamed on the high demands of the teacher's union on a "practically" bankrupt school system.

    UPS has made BILLIONS. The recession is OVER. Internet shopping is at an all-time HIGH.

    Why would UPS workers have to GIVE BACK ?????????????

    The strike of '97 proved that the majority of Americans see on a daily basis how HARD a UPS driver works, how LATE a UPS driver stays out, and that most people would not want to do our jobs. Even the most veteran driver feels that stress on a daily basis. WE HAVE THE PUBLIC SUPPORT AS THE ALL-AMERICAN BLUE COLLAR WORKER.

    There is no reason that the UPS worker has to lose a dime.
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    We would have zero public support.
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    agree with this; it would not be 1997 revisited
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    Other than you, who cares? The public doesn't work here.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    I doubt that !!!! Zero :rofl:

    This is not a union bankrupting a business.

    This is a union of workers receiving their fair share of the pie.
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I live in an area where the mean income is much less than $50K. You do the math.
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    the corporations will use obama care as an excuse to further rape the american worker. the way obama care is currently structured will do nothing but punish the american workers healthcare and pocketbook. if ups is forced to comply w obama care and still give us free health care it could cost them $$$ and they would find a way to make up that $$$, through less jobs, less benefits and or charging more for service. this would lead to more and more stress on current employees. this will have both a positive and negative impact on the public's perception of us should we decide to strike depending on whose opinion you are asking. the corporations and businessmen will be on ups side, the average american will be on our side. a victory for us would be a victory for the american worker but w the rising
    cost of business and obama care factored in, this could be a no win situation for everyone.:sad-little:
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    I don't think this is true. It's all on how you make people see it.

    If the union markets part time wages and the fact that after this healthcare proposal some part timers would be working all week for less than $100. Then I think we would garner some support.

    I really believe if you see wages continue to bottom out. The race to the bottom some call it. (I'm not talking ups) you will see union membership go way back up in the next 20 years or so.
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    The union needs to get tough again and hold their heads high! We do deserve more this company got the upper hand last contact and we can't let that happen again! We hold all the cards with the possibility of strike, heard amazon told ups that they will leave us if we don't settle early. So that works to our benefit and we should have walked away from the table when "hall said we would"after the company tried making us pay our benefit's.
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    You are correct Brownslave688.....IT IS "on how you make people see it."

    Ron Carey was a master at garnering public support back in 1997. Hoffa/hall do NOT have the same charisma and negotiating abilities that Ron Carey had back in the late 90's. UPS hires the BEST attorneys, marketing firms, etc.. to prepare for negotiations. Teamsters need to do the same. We cannot expect a bunch of retired truck drivers or Hoffa/hall themselves to take on UPS in the media or even at the negotiating table. Teamsters need to realize their weaknesses and hire expert consulting firms and marketing experts on how to win us the best contract. Are we so narcissistic that we cannot realize our own weaknesses against a mega company like UPS?

    The fact is that our Union has NOT prepared any of us for the possibility of a "work disruption". We've been told all along that our Union and UPS were meeting early in order to settle early. Well....that has NOT happened. The VAST majority of UPS workers are TOTALLY unprepared for what is about to happen. Even in my own center(s), employees are totally clueless. Why is it that our Union has waited this long to inform us about the healthcare proposal when negotiations started last year?

    Our Local Unions and BA's across the country should be visiting ALL the UPS centers rallying support for this contract....NOW. I get asked constantly at work if I heard anything on the contract. The answer is always the same; "No, only that the company wants concessions on healthcare". I'm sorry but our Union should have been talking about these types of serious matters looooong ago.

    Face the facts......besides a few of us on here that try to remain informed and have core Union values and beliefs, most UPS Teamsters are simply too busy and tired to become "involved", or have too little invested with UPS to really care (part-timers). I don't feel that our current Union leadership has the abilities to lead a prolonged labor dispute. I REALLY HOPE that they can prove me wrong if and/or when that may happen. The most effective and "safe" labor dispute with UPS (considering all current variables) I feel comfortable with at this time would be as PiedmontSteward called it "National Safe Days". Will I strike if asked to?....absolutely....however...I feel that we are totally unprepared for such action at this time.

    Hoffa/hall - Still waiting on those "Creative Solutions" .................
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    FedEX has an inferior business model. UPS is a much better run company from a wall street perspective, even with a union atmosphere.

    Give me 5 minutes at the negotiations table, I don't need days. I will bring the 10K reports from the last few years under this contract and ontop of said information I will have a cover page. On said cover page will be one quote blown up to the largest font and letter size allowable for the size of paper.

    "Our operating margin and free cash flow are the envy of our industry."
    -CEO Scott Davis
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    UPS can offer a fair, reasonable contract and continue to generate massive profits for all to share. That's the bottom line.
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    You might have to if the union doesn't put its money where its mouth is. What are you going to do if the union caves and gives UPS what they want?
    Are you going to quit your job of 20+ years because you are forced to pay for health insurance?

    This is the point that has me worried. Most employees are not going to quit their jobs of 20+ years because they now have to pay for insurance and UPS is betting on this.

    Still, how can the company throw this at us? We have been faithful employees for 20+ years. As a driver I give everything I have to the job. From Monday-Friday my entire life is consumed by this company. I have never had to pay anything towards insurance my entire career. UPS grows profits quarter after quarter(with VERY limited exceptions) that other large-cap companies can only dream off.

    Why should we have to pay now? After all this time? Hell, the company was profitable every year of the Great Recession.

    I'm all for corporate profits because I believe its healthy for the US economy, but I believe UPS employees should be better off or at least equal in the next contract and not worse off. I would settle for equal because the last contract was settled in good economic times and the SSSS hit the fan economically shortly after and UPS had to deal with a contract settled in good times.
    However, UPS operated in the worst time since the 1930's. They did so in the black by billions of dollars. Having to pay $90+ a week for health care will make every teamster employee worse off.

    What do you think?
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    UPS is doing great and so are you ... unless you are part-time.