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    anyone living the Jeep life on here? i own my 2nd Jeep, which is my daily driver/weekend warrior. don't personally know anyone at work that shares the same passion i do. but i did see the CJ after work one day.

    post up your Jeeps...

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    I have a good friend with a Wrangler who I have ridden some trails with. Lots of fun along with a little terror. Did some engine and brake upgrades on a Cherokee with the 4.0. But no, I don't have the means for this scale of toy. Wish I did. I'm sure somebody will turn up. Good luck.
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    I had a CJ years ago. It had a 4 cylinder Hurricane engine that was runnig on 3 cylinders when I sold it. The guy who bought it asked me if it would pull a small camping trailer out to Wyoming. I told him "Hell it would be lucky to pull itself to Wyoming". He still bought it for a grand though. When I had it I installed a UPS auxillary heater on the passenger side because it was a cold vehicle to ride in in the winter. Our mechanic had thrown 2 almost new ones away right before some big inspection so I saved them from the dumpster. I think I still have the other heater somewhere in my treasure pile. After my Jeep I had a few 69 to 74 Ford Broncos. When it came to running gear they were 10 times better than what Jeep had but their weakness was that they rusted so bad.
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    I had a Black Sahara hard and soft tops traded it in when I went on the road at full time job for a stupid salesman car. My daughter had a Blue Sport.As soon as the payments are done on the dog I am driving now I am going jeep again cooler rack on the front with surf pole holders attached and striper fishing into the sunset of my life
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    I had a 1983 CJ-5 soft-top when I was stationed in Texas. Had to sell it before making the move back to Upstate NY---soft-tops don't do too well in the cold. I loved it----I could take it anywhere and not worry about getting stuck.
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    I have a 1952 M38.
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    thanks for the replys! loves those original Jeeps, Rico.
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    Out of place as I do not own one as the OP posted, but I sure drove and worked on many
    in the Army. It was owned by all of you.

    Nothing stopped my / your M151A2 Jeep. They would go through almost anything.

    What a vehicle to drive in the 70s.
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    Those little 1/4 ton M416 trailers for the M151 Mutts are getting pretty scarce these days.
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    1002286_4505636894140_1691438017_n.jpg I had 4 10 year olds riding with me. They all got wet and loved every minute of it. The fording system earned its keep.
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    cosmo1 Now, a low life jack wagon, and still loving it.

    I saw a Cherokee Classic today, all jacked up with a snorkel and plate bumpers and not a single scratch or dent!

    ​Your old flat-fender puts that to shame.
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    Sweet. I'm sure some GI's did a lot like that and worse!
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    Yea, and they also had the Army paying for PM and repair. I got to do all the work later of checking for water entry into the hubs and powertrain. Apparently I rebuilt the fording system correctly, because there wasn't any water to be found.

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    I'm pretty sure that Dominic sold his shop and moved to Maine. I have met a couple of Deep Woods guys. Ryan Frost (Frosty) is the first that comes to mind
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