UPS Joins EPA's ''Climate Leaders'' Program

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    UPS Joins EPA's ''Climate Leaders'' Program - Yahoo

    UPS is the first shipping company to join the program.
    Climate Leaders is an industry/government partnership that works with companies to develop comprehensive climate change strategies. Partner companies commit to reducing their impact on the global environment by completing a corporate-wide inventory of greenhouse gas emissions, setting aggressive reduction goals and annually reporting their progress to the EPA.
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    Another waste of ups's money. Did humans cause climate change when dinosaurs existed? or did their farts kill them off.
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    PAALEEEZZZZZ,UPS,Green? Remember Y2K? you peeps gobbled that one up as the end of the world! Now climate change? Ups is going to report itself to the EPA? Dogs and cats sleeping together? Blacks and whites with no prejudice towards one another? Jews and Muslims holding hands?The poor not hating the rich?

    Finally,the world is right.

    Climate change is for those who will buy anything and believe anything. Climate change happens everyday,it's called weather.