UPS Korea Awarded With AEO Certification

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    New certification helps UPS customers’ export and import goods with greater efficiency

    UPS Korea today announced it was awarded the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certification by the Korea Customs Service. The certification, which is valid until April 2021, recognizes UPS’s adoption and implementation of proper security and operational measures needed to secure its supply chain; thus expediting UPS shipments for our customers through customs clearance procedures with minimal documentation and inspection requirements.

    “UPS Korea is committed to supporting and enabling our customers expand both regionally and globally with our highly efficient services,” said JK Rha, Managing Director of UPS in Korea. “By obtaining this certification, UPS Korea has set itself apart from the competition with stronger capabilities to streamline daily operations and to maintain high service quality, leading to better customer experience.”

    To be certified, UPS Korea has to maintain high standards in various areas, including legal, compliance, internal control systems, financial solvency, and security management.

    As an AEO-certified carrier, UPS Korea will be able to offer added benefits to its customers via simplified inspections and processes during customs clearance, hence enabling more efficient trade. With businesses seeking overseas expansion opportunities and globalization spurring cross-border trade, UPS Korea is in a prime position to meet the needs of these customers.