UPS Labor Deal Would Open Door to Sunday Package Deliveries

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    UPS Labor Deal Would Open Door to Sunday Package Deliveries - MSN

    United Parcel Service Inc. would have more leeway to introduce Sunday deliveries under a preliminary agreement with the Teamsters union that creates a new class of drivers for weekend work.

    Combination Drivers, as the new workers will be called, are UPS’s solution to union concerns about its members being forced to work weekends or overtime. Creating the new category of drivers will also generate more full-time opportunities for current part-time employees, the Teamsters said in a statement Friday.
  2. It's a bad deal and our leadership can do much better.
  3. Sub-standard class?

    I don't want anyone coming to my house on Sunday to deliver packages.

    I need a day off not having to think about going back to work and there'll be teamsters forced to work on Sunday to remind me that this "get it now!" mentality is now the norm.
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    It is going to happen you can thank amazon and the Post office for this.
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    They wouldn't be forced into anything, they would of had to have signed the bid, know full well that is part of the deal.

    The bad part is, that will be the only way for PT to become FT drivers, now.
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    Yep. The Union had better make sure the full timers doing the weekend work are paid less for it. For some reason.