UPS lands $25 million expansion permit

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    UPS lands $25 million expansion permit - Jax Daily Record

    The city issued a permit Friday for United Parcel Service Inc.’s $25 million expansion of its Northwest Jacksonville distribution center and shipping hub.

    Plans show the global logistics leader will add about 375,000 square feet of shipping area and three loading wings to enlarge the UPS center to more than 900,000 square feet.

    The expansion is part of its $196 million plan to add space and technology to its ground-package hub at 4420 Imeson Road in Westside Industrial Park.
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    wait til @Future sees this, he will be excited
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    inb4 the paranoia about how this will effect contract negotiations
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    There are always extra capital expenditures before new contract negotiations.
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    Stops per car just went up in JAX
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    Yep I’m sure ups will be spending billions on expenditures before August 2018