UPS Leaves 'Brown' for New Love

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    UPS Leaves 'Brown' for New Love - Wall Street Journal

    Package-delivery giant United Parcel Service Inc. is launching a global ad campaign to promote its expanding logistics business to small and medium-sized businesses that want to sell their wares globally.

    In what the 103-year-old company calls its largest marketing campaign ever, UPS is replacing its memorable slogan "What can Brown do for you?" with the slogan, "We [Heart] Logistics." Print, television and digital-media ads in the U.S., China, Mexico and the United Kingdom will start running on Monday.

    Logistics essentially involves the critical steps that allow a company to get its product to customers—stocking and running a warehouse, filling orders, clearing goods through customs, choosing a shipping method and handling returns.
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    "We [Heart] Logistics"? Holy crap! Do you guys pay for this?!
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    I was taking pictures at the Dragon Boat races here in Atlanta this weekend wearing a UPS t-shirt with a neat dragon drawing on it.
    One of the boats was full of ladies (Breast Cancer Survivors) and they were trying to get me to give them my t-shirt.
    I joked around and said "What can Brown do for you?"
    It's not just men who can be lewd.

    I could have saved myself this experience if I had said "I <heart> Logistics".
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    Why in the world would anybody in their right mind do that?
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    I was able to play the mp3 without downloading it. The computer generated music pretty much of the same quality one could make on a commodore sixty four. (the computer that was so ground breaking in the early 1980s.) [video=youtube;8P6tvQoWKps][/video]
    Do you think Scott Davis had the final okay on this? In other words, did he listen to the song and the rest of the campaign and say "yes, Yes, Yes" with the same fervor that Meg Ryan did in faking an orgasm in that movie with Billy crystal, and saying "yes, this is the campaign that will capture the hearts and imaginations of our targeted audience."

    Scary , if so.
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    Were I allowed to bring my phone into work, I'd make sure that played when I visit my sort manager on occasion. I still need to ask him if he's heard it since we didn't have anything mentioned during Founder's Day.
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    They didn't here either.