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  1. msswing

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    Ok, I am married to a UPS driver....I know how it all don't want to be out there late......

    I work for a company who signed a contract with UPS to have a pickup at 5:30. Mind you, there is a drop box on the buildings lower floor that picks up at 6:30 so someone has to come there to pick up........

    The past week we have had 3 different drivers come at 5 to pick up. I am still there so I question them, "Our pick up is at 5:30, are you coming back?" The response, "No ma'am, I am here now so I am picking up now, your normal driver told me he comes here at 5." My normal driver is never there by 5. I am lucky if he gets there by 6! Anyway, I was directed to call UPS to confirm that our pick up is still 5:30. Here is where the lie comes in......

    "Ma'am, I am sorry that they have been coming at 5, but your normal driver has been on vacation this week, so they must not know that they are to pick up at 5:30" I was flabergasted! (if that's how you spell it). My normal driver has been dropping packages off all week in the morning!!!!!!!!!!! I was going to say something to the woman that called me to "apologize" but since it was Friday, I decided to keep my mouth shut.

    I understand you all want to go home, I do too. But if we have a scheduled pick up at 5:30, then be there at 5:30. Don't come at 5 and tell me you aren't coming back!
  2. rushfan

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    I agree with you 100%. If your pickup time is at 5:30, it will be at 5:30. What really pisses me off is when I'm on vacation my fill in driver will do my pickups at least 30 minutes early, and treat my customers rotten.

    I encourage my customers to call in complaints, but they are too afraid to do so. If I was in their position, I sure would.

    I still think my customers are first regardless of my time. Unfortunately, many at UPS forget what the "s" stands for in UPS. What did Jim Casey say about service?
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  3. over9five

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    You know we are now UPS, right? We're no longer United Parcel Service. There's a reason they dropped the service part of our name.

    That being said, I think you should be getting your 5:30 pickup. BUT, the management team in that center is slapping that cover driver on the back telling him what a great job he did getting in 1/2 an hour earlier than your regular driver (that lazy slob!).

    Now they will be pulling the regular driver into the office for a beat up session. "Why can Brown-nose get in at 6:30, but you can't make it till 7"???
  4. Fredly000

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    While your pick up is slated for 5:30, there is a half hour window on either side of that time when the customer should be ready. At least thats what I've been told.

    Either way I never show up more than 15minutes before or after a pickup time. I can see how vacation drivers can make the error, many times
    pickup times are not listed correctly in the boards.

    Be happy you have a letter box downstairs at your building at least you
    can get your LATE stuff out.
  5. toonertoo

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    Sorry Freddyloo, there is no window on a drop box. IF it says 530, later is fine, earlier is not acceptable. The original poster is correct to be upset.

    And customers hate hearing the phone center bs. Like "the nature of OUR business is constantly changing and sometimes WE have to change delivery and pick up times to make OUR plan work" Most customers do not understand what that means, or care, NOR should they. AFTER ALL we are providing the service for them, and WE work around their schedules, NOT the other way around.
  6. sendagain

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    Some of the utility drivers, when taking over a regular driver's route, turn it in to their route, doing whatever they want, whenever they want, not even caring what the regular driver does. It's the "me" generation.
  7. InTheRed

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    as far as i know, it's supposed to be 15 mins either way to complete a scheduled pickup.... so 5:15 to 5:45. If a customer asks me if I'm coming back, I ask them what time I should be there (if I am covering the route for the rest of the week). I'll come back, and I'll know to have their pickup done at the regular time, but if they're not ready at their regular time and they want me to come back much later (had this bad experience numerous times with a new business a few years back), they can call for an on-demand pickup.
  8. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    Nine Five, UPS stands for United Partial Service. We changed the name the same time we changed the logo, but I dont guess you heard about it.

  9. Fredly000

    Fredly000 Just Another in Brown

    I was only referring to customers, I don't consider a drop box a customer.
    It gets picked up on or after the time stamped on it.
  10. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND


    You were told wrong. An after 5:30 pickup means just that, it is to be made after 5:30. Now if they have the book closed down and are done earlier, then you can pick them up earlier. But if they are still processing packages, you must wait.

    Delivery pickup times are set by people higher up than you and I. So unless those powers that be change the times, your job is to wait.

    It sounds like you got your information from a sup that wants you to run that big number, and does not care what corners or customers you cut to do so. Very short term thinking.

  11. tieguy

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    ms swing its clear your business is not running as efficently as it should. Perhaps we could send a few I.E. Folks your way to get you shut down by 5?:lol: :lol:
  12. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND


    only if they get removed from our payroll!

  13. toonertoo

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    My mistake freddy, I guess I didnt read her post correctly, thought she had a drop box. Please forgive
  14. rushfan

    rushfan Well-Known Member

    Still if the customer's pickup is at 5:30, it's 5:30. UPS cannot afford to have the attitude ourway or that's it. There is much more competiton and people don't blink when they switch.

    It's true, it's not United Parcel Service, it's UPP-United Parcel Production
  15. outta hours

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    I have 27 pickup accounts. They all want a late pickup. It just ain't gonna happen. Somebody has to be first,last, and someone in between. Just as everyone wants there stuff first thing in the morning. Ms Swing how much do you ship out? You said you have a drop box downstairs. Use it if you still have pkgs. to process after your driver comes by. Or use your time more wisely and complete your shipping duties before 5:00. Pickup times begin as early as 2:30. Maybe your regular driver has a life and therfore now only delivers to you and someone from another area comes by your office and picks you up on his way in. That way your driver can get home at a decent time. Maybe UPS can change your pickup time to 8:00 pm. that will give your office plenty of time to complete their shipping. Hope you don't mind staying late, if your lucky maybe your driver will come by early at 7:30, I bet you would not call in and complain then. Or would you?
  16. Fredly000

    Fredly000 Just Another in Brown

    Yes we can, I'm sorry I don't agree here, all to often I get the message to
    reattempt a NI1,NI2 etc... while normally I don't have an issue with this,
    and will sometimes even try to hit any NI1, etc... on my way back in if it
    isn't out of the way, cause in reality I don't want to see that stack of DELL boxes in my truck the next day. But, it gets out of hand, when I've left that "area" and now I have to waste company time and resources to return 20-30minutes backwards on my trace.

    I'm all about customer service, our customer is the shipper, our service is three attempts(not supposed to be on the same day though)
  17. msswing

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    I am all for getting you guys (and gals) home at a decent hour, like I said, I am married to a UPS driver....but I too have a job to do and when we have a scheduled pickup at 5:30, then that's when it should be picked up, no earlier. If the 5:30 pickup could not be handled then when we signed the contract we should have been told "I am sorry, we can't do that" We ship at least 20-30 packages a day, too many to be taking to a drop box, hence the need for a pick up. I don't like staying late, but when you have a job to do, and you care about your customers, you are going to stay as long as you have to in order to get it done. It's not a matter of us not having the ability to get it done by 5, but when you get an order at 4:45 and they want it shipped out, and are paying good money to ship it out, you're gonna stay to do it.

    How old are you? I am sure my seven year old will understand this mentality....

    Great customer service is what keeps most companies going....obviously you are one of those drivers that just does the job without the customer service.
  18. trickpony1

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    fredlyOOO, you not get paid by the hour?
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  19. DS

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    ms. swing you are right everyone else is wrong.If you have a 5;30 pickup you are entitled to that service.If nobody shows up by 5:30 call in for an on demand pickup.Screw them and the brown horses they rode in on.
    And I`m a driver too.
  20. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND


    With each package, we have two customers. The shipper and the customer that ordered the package.

    Taking it one step further, the customer that is getting the package is also the shippers customer. you screw around with his customer base and we will lose them as a shipper.

    You have a one sided mentality. Your not getting the whole picture.



    Any on demand here past 4 or so is scheduled for the next day. Not much help for her on that one.