UPS Loaders, how Does your Facility Handle Miss Loads?

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    We have a new guy running our facility. Some pretty tight changes have been made. Most make sence. One thing he really tightened up on were consequences for miss loads. I was wondering what the policy for some of the other facilities are?

    Right now we are set up as 1 miss load = warning letter. A second = an article 7, 1 day working or non working suspension, then 3 day, 5 day, etc.
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Is he talking about off-area misloads or misloads on the right car but on the wrong shelf? While both are misloads only one (off-area misloads) would be a service failure as the misloads on the right car should be run off.

    If I were you I would make sure that no one else loaded any packages on to your pkg cars. I would also tell you drivers about this new policy and ask them for their help, especially with misloads on the right car. There is not much that they can do to help you with off-area misloads.
  3. Bagels

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    Good luck with that. Even the best loaders get the occasional misload. Article 7? It's a shame the union has yet to strengthen Article 7 language so that the company can no longer use it as an attempt to discharge an employee for practically anything ... but even still, I doubt it would stick. Worst case scenario = panel deadlocks, employee reassigned elsewhere.
  4. TooTechie

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    That is a ridiculous discipline progression. We have preloaders who get 3-9 misloads daily, which also is ridiculous but a warning letter after 1 is crazy.
  5. bleedinbrown58

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    for double digit off routes, i hear the guys got letters but i get one or two a week and nothing happens to me.
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    Sounds like a new manager wants to show how important he is and threaten the preloaders. It will soon pass as will he. Jerks like that show up peridoically and people just need to wait them out. If I had a good preloader I would try to cover for him and as long as no service failures showed on the reports he didn't get charged with any. I would just tell him about it the next day. But on the other hand I had bad preloaders I would complain about and if I ran all misloads the preload sup wouldn't even mention it to him and he would think he had perfect loads. All that matters is what shows on the reports.
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    3-9 misloads per day and they would find themselves back in the unload in my center.
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    1 misload= warning letter is ridiculous. When I was in the hub I barely had any misloads but in preload on a rare occasion I may get one, and it really ticks me off because the ones that I so get are the ones that we shouldn't be charged for. I can't tell you how many packages I find that the spa label matches the actual ups label letter for letter and number for number that the loader is "just supposed to know" it doesn't go in that truck. My facility cuts so many routes then adds some elsewhere. It is sometimes hard to read minds of where package x is going that day. This is a system error, not the loaders. I'd be JACKED if I got one from this. I take pride in having little or no missorts in a month.
  9. jibbs

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    Basically if you have any misloads in my center a supe just tells you early the next day, the person responsible for the misload says it won't happen again and the issue is dropped until the next misload(s). I've never seen anybody get really bitched out about them... not yet, at least.
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    Obvious answer...... Slow down. Should prevent misloads.
  11. Bagels

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    We have a set ratio (1 in XXXX is allowed ... I'm not certain what it is anymore, it decreases every year). If it isn't met, progressive disciple is issued. They fire quite a few people for misloads, but I don't believe anybody who's grieved it (in my building) has lost their job. They use to come back to the unload, but then management realized that people would rather do that anyway, so now they just toss them back to the lines.
  12. If you had a business that delivered package and you guaranteed that every package would be delivered on the day it arrived at your building. What would you do if you have employees that for whatever reason put the packages on the wrong car and caused the packages not to be delivered. Since you promised every customer if their package was not delivered on the day it was supposed to the you owe them a refund, every time a package was not delivered you lost money.. Now let me ask you again if you owned a company that delivered packages and every time one of your employees cause a package not to be delivered because they did not do the job they were paid for , causing you to loose money and your reputation....What would you do?

    Would you say oh well it just a little mistake?
    Would you let it go?
    Or would you fix the problem?
  13. cosmo1

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    My old center doesn't have enough doors for all the preloaders that would be sent out back.
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    I know they are making driver run them off during of after they finish there route. The other day I had a off area misload and was told to deliver it when I was finished. Instead of a 9 miles trip back to the building it was 29 miles and they ended up paying me 45 mintues of OT....
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

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    We work for the same DM. She is new and is a stickler for service. We are allowed 1 miss for our entire center. We must go through our cars by 1430 looking for misleads--if we don't and we find one later we also must run them off regardless of distance.
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    That's why I...OPT IN..send me on a goose chase.and it will cost you $100 bucks an hour!!!SHOW ME THE MONEY.or put a route or a preloader in.your choice!!!!!!!
  17. UPSGUY72

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    1500 in my center.
  18. Gumby

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    The DIAD does have a missed button!!!If you hit it you wont die!!
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Work as directed.
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    We would run out of pre-loaders if this were the case in our center. Guys are loading 1000-1200 pcs a day its ridiculous to think they can be perfect.