Ups local leaders unanimously endorse ups tentative agreement

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    May 7, 2013(WASHINGTON) – Leaders of Teamster Local Unions that represent UPS workers across the United States voted unanimously today to endorse the tentative UPS national agreement, paving the way for ballots to be prepared and sent to members.

    General Secretary-Treasurer hall, who also serves as Package Division Director and Co-Chairman of the Teamsters National Negotiating Committee with General President Jim Hoffa, presented the changes contained in the tentative agreement to more than 300 Local Union leaders.
    “Our members made clear they wanted us to protect their health care benefits and address harassment while increasing wages and retirement contributions,” hall said. “This is a strong tentative agreement that achieves all those things and more.”
    Details of the tentative agreement with UPS were outlined at the “two-person” meeting, attended by two representatives from each Local Union. The UPS national master contract is the largest collective bargaining agreement in North America.
    “I commend the negotiating committee for staying focused and united,” Hoffa said. “Backed by the determination and engagement of our members, the committee kept its mission in sight and remained a force at the bargaining table. This is an agreement we can all be proud of.”
    Local leaders are being encouraged to hold Local Union meetings to discuss details of the tentative agreement.
    Ballot packages will be mailed to all members at the end of May for ratification of the master agreement, and any supplements and
riders if applicable. Complete voting instructions will be included in the ballot package. Tentatively, ballots will start being counted on or about June 20.
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    "Unanimous". That alone makes me nervous. Not one local disagrees?
    That's unAmerican.
  3. Brown_Star

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    Sounds like BS will find out Sunday....
  4. Anonymous 10

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    What not to like?
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    1. Downgrade of insurance quality while paying more out of pocket for it
    2. 7 years added to my "sentence" when I was under 3 to go
    3. Nothing keeping the union from changing insurance terms whenever they want
    4. Increase in pension offset by increase in premiums
    5. new drivers wait longer for full wage and insurance
    6. Part-timers could have done better
  6. 804brown

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    I cant see Tim endorsing that mess. I dont believe it. Maybe he was getting up for seconds and missed the vote?? LOL
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    can someone post a link to the BS scene from "Animal House" please?
  8. 3 done 3 to go

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    That is because our teamster leaders are. Lemmings. Oh look a cliff
  9. anonymous4

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    A lot of things. Do you need dozens more people to list them?

    Your credibility on serious matters is shot in my mind. You know damn well a lot of people have very real concerns yet you're doing your best to plug your ears while you continue to spread your agenda, whatever that could be. You support this contract, that is just great. There are definitely some positives in there and things can always be worse.

    "What's not to like" is the theme of your last 300 posts. You deflect criticism towards this contract in hilarious fashion.

    What's the deal bro, what local you from and what are you peddling? Stink and yourself were here, decked out in knee-pad regalia, fellating Hoffa/hall before most of us knew a detail. Was that part of the plan because at best this contract is status quo leaning towards concessionary. You either give back some or get some and we seem to be giving more than we're getting, that's what's not to like.

    Union peddler: You make $15/hr. UPS wants a -14/hr concession. The union wants a +1/hr raise. Settle for a -7/hr concession and claim victory to the membership.

    The recent newsletter they sent is riddled with that logic. UPS treats it's peons like morons and "our" union does the same to it's membership. If you didn't see the return address you'd think this flier was contract "information" from UPS corporate. I don't think I'm the only one who is uncomfortable with that. The master plan must be to alienate all membership and concede past victories until everything is eroded. Is that what Hoffa was paid to do?

    When are you going to go back to bickering with UpstateNYUPSer and drop the used car salesmen act?
  10. scratch

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    I was shocked to hear my Local President endorse this garbage Saturday morning. He was on the negotiating committee and has recommended us to turn down a couple of past contracts. We were told that they were aware of members griping about the agreement on internet forums, and that we should be careful about what we say. If I wrote what I really thought about this, I would be moderated myself.
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    In Hoffaland, everything Hoffa wants is agreed to unanimously. Every Hofficer automatically agrees with Hoffa. Those are the rules. Even if it's not unanimous, it IS unanimous. Get it?

    Remember that 2002 special convention that Hoffa called to raise your dues? Well the dues increase passed by unanimous acclaim. Except that it didn't. I know. I was there as a reform delegate. I voted no. I guess I didn't really exist.

    Now this is hard to believe, but Hoofa, I mean Hoffa, has won every election unanimously!!

    But most importantly for this forum, Hoofa, I mean Hoffa, is in the process of assuring everybody that this contract will pass unanimously!!

    Oh, I gotta go now, because some moron is telling me I'm having a bad nightmare. Who-faa. Hoe-faa. Fa-Fa-Fooey.
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    Unless you were in the meetings, you don't know what transpired. I wasn't in the meetings, but have confidence in my union, that has given me wages compared to, by no one. We are compensated better than almost any other union job, yet people complain. Ups made billions. We are all benefitting from it. I would rather have a job than force ups out of the business down the road for being unable to compete economically with other carriers. Concessions? one can argue. Progress? One can argue that too. I am grateful I am in a position to retiree 15 years before my dad did. I owe that to my union.
  13. Monkey Butt

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    Your dad retired when he was 82?
  14. realbrown1

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    Saddam Hussein used to win all his elections unanimously too. They were able to proclaim that 1 minute after the polls closed.
    I hope this TA's ballots take longer to count.
  15. yeldarb

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    Your dad retired when he was 82?[/QUOTE]

    He felt like he was 82. I hit 30 years at 52. I have always been frugal.
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    I hate to piss on your cornflakes, but after August 1st, if this trash contract passes, you will need to work until you are 57 unless you are willing to go without insurance until you are 57.
    Are you still seeing rainbows and buttercups?
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  17. Coldworld

    Coldworld Taking it all back.....

    man knows how to eat...
  18. Coldworld

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    screw all have spouses(well maybe some of you)have them continue to work, or get a job with insurance...problem
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  19. realbrown1

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    I heard it was 55, not 57.
    This is what else I have heard, but not seen in writing yet.

    This is Western Conference I am talking here:
    If you retire before Jan 1, 2014 you will stay on WC (UPS) health care. Same rules, but $50 a month for you, and $50 for spouse, and $50 for each child still under 26. Goes to $100 a month per in 2015 and $150 a month per in 2016
    If you retire on or after Jan 1, 2014 you will be covered under WC pension, but Teamcare (CS) health care. If you retire before 55 years old, no health care coverage until you turn 55. No child insurance coverage at all. Spouse is only able to be covered if she doesn't work for a company that CAN provide health care (even if spouse has to pay for it out of pocket) and then it is $50 per month for you and $50 per month for spouse. Goes up to $100 month per in 2015 and $150 per month in 2016.
    Feel free to correct any of this. I have only heard it at work, not seen it in writing yet.
  20. reydluap

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    "Screw insurance"?!!!!!! get a job with"?!!!!! What the he!! are you thinking?!!! Work 30 years for a pension and insurance benefits only to throw it down the drain by voting in this TA and then to think it's a laughing matter!?! WTF?
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