UPS Mail Solutions becomming real threat to teamster jobs.

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  1. Not IN Trace

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    I just found today that a big account(4000 packages a day) is swiching to ups mail solutuons, its clear ups is now diverting volume to this sham company to divert volume, is this going on everywhere else?
  2. upandcomer

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    Yes, UPS wants to divert all volume from an average $10 per package to $3.50 average per package while still having Teamsters due 90% of the work. We consider that a long-term successful business model. Ultimately UPS' goal is to eliminate all Teamsters and deliver no packages.

    Listen, the people that like the low cost shipping options the least are management. It is hurting the bottom line for both us and FedEx, and it won't be getting better anytime soon.
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    MOLE!!!! Go AWAY!
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    whats been scarey to me is everything shipped to me this year has been shipped via the post office. this contrasts to everything being shipped ups during peak. trying to get ups shipping has in many cases been a battle. its clear that customers are choosing the cheap option with the economy being what it is.

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    Honestly genius to genius, which I believe we both are. Do you really think the economy has anything to do with people picking the Post Office over UPS? I think cheaper always wins...
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    Sure is, in Wisconsin Lands End in the past gave us 18 trailer loads per day, now we only get 6 and the rest is moved by brokers. "ground saver" they tell us that gives them the right to move it how they want. We had 16 Sleeper team drivers in WI, now we have none. Can't wait for next contract.
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    How does the Post Office win when they lost almost 3 billion last year? Sooner or later they're prices on priority mail
    have got to go up. There is no way they can keep that going. Any other business would have been long gone with this way of doing business.
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    Ummm, I don't think so and you're banned....!
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    Serioulsy ? Did he have more then 1 identity ?
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    Superior service used to win over cheaper but every since management went crazy we've lost most of that superior service. Worn out drivers delivering at 8pm in the middle of the summer, businesses being dispatched in the 8000 sections, IE can't get a on...and son on.
  13. Popeye

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    Did UPS "divert" the volume or did the customer decide to use a lower cost/lower service product? UPS Mail Innovations isn't a sham company. It's a real company with real employees and real customers.
  14. Not IN Trace

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    The customer was happy with UPS, but our so called sales team would go in to the business almost weekly and push this mail crap relentlessly, so now the drivers in our center will be picking up 4000 less a day, that means more stops and less routes on the road. So starting monday a strange white box truck will go in and pick up the same boxes we were on friday.
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

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    This "mail crap" will lower the shippers freight bill in the hopes that the 4000 packages will soon become 6000 and so on. Yes, you will be given more stops to make up for the lost pickup and, yes, there may be fewer routes on the road but, in the overall scheme, this is a win for the company as the volume and revenue were retained and not lost to the competition. I know that this is not what you want to hear.
  16. Not IN Trace

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    thats strange because this company told me they had no intention to use any company but ups. when your laid off because of mail solutioins you may think different
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Mail Solutions is part of UPS.

    I am #10 on driver seniority list--no chance of being laid off.
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    The "Sales Team" from UPS make hardly anything on a customer using UPS Mail Innovations compared to UPS small pkg. Also Mail Innovations is basically a "zone skip" for pkgs that are less then 1 lb total weight and delivered end mile by the USPS. The Mail innovations folks consolidate and zone skip and make money on the equivalent zone savings.
  20. Big Babooba

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    I deliver to an ex REA Express driver. He had 28 years in when they folded. I'll ask him where he was on the seniority list.