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  1. i am 7 yr part-time veteren at ups...and my younger brother is a 3 year veteren rehire...(notice difference in service time) i am an irreg sorter and run airs on saturday...he is a LVD sorter...this is where the plot thickens.............

    we both started at same time jan of 2001 he left after 1 year i stayed...during his first stint he only loaded trucks...i loaded trucks for 3 years before being offered a pick-off spot spent two years at HVD and 1.5 years at LVD before moving to irreg train...three yrs ago he returned to ups... he came out of cornerstone his ft sup asked him if he had ever p/off before he knowingly lied and said yes the ft told the pt sup to not tell about his rehire status and to get him p/off test materials....he loaded trucks for one week and aced p/off test following week was moved to HVD....some how he pulled of the lie and looked like a pro sorting the highest volume belt in the bulding...he single handly took this belt from the bottom ranked belt to the best in the building....kudos to him in the meanwhile he displaced a p/off with ten yrs of time...soon after he displaced LVD of twelve yrs...10 yr vet was moved to loading a truck in different wing other was later fired after string of events...shortly after this mgmt. moved,fired,and promoted every employee in his area making him top dog...he was getting 22 hrs a wk at the beginning of tale by end 35 hrs a wk...mgmt continues to tell everyone who asks that he is a 8 yr vet...his employee record is held onto by ft sup i assume to keep a lid on can mgmt actually suceed at this incredible violation of our is this info kept away from local and stewards...i mean whose pockets are being lined to pull off this kick in the a**...i know biggest reply is i should say something but he is my blood and also is married and has two children and i know he needs every penny...a question i have is this commonly practiced everywhere???
  2. You really don't like your brother, do you? :happy-very:
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    It has been my experience that when a lie in the hiring process is discovered, that person is history. One case in particular it was years after the fact. I think that supe is putting himself in an untenable situation as well.
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    Agreed. Your post is hard to follow as well as your motivation if you truly do not want to hurt your "blood"
  5. there was no lie in hiring he was rehired and while in cornerstone was approached by mgmt. and was put on belt and ft told if anyone asks you never left and if no one asks dont mention
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    Is the seniority list never posted? Get with HR and the union and find out where the seniority list is, and when it will be posted. You'll get your answer from that.
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    unless your brother was removed from the employment roster with UPS, he is actually considered an employee. We had a driver go out on disability 6 years ago, she was just taken off the roster last month.
  8. actually the entire time ive been employed i have never seen a seniority roster. to be honestly the National Master is not enforced at my hub at all. At my location it is very political(who you know) which im sure most hubs are too. People get hired into small sort and clerk positions. If you get tired of loading/unloading a truck with a yr of time or less on the books complain that your sick of it soon your in small or irregs. Sprain an ankle go to irregs permently seen this happen with 5 employees with 3 or less yrs in the last 5 yrs. Sup's work everyday there are multiple like 10 out of 30 prim. sort jobs being done by p/t sups trick is they take there collared shirt of and nobody can tell the difference. Everyday they send drivers home and mystically packages are found and sups end up running 5 or more routes a day. Just saw a 1 yr employee promoted to feeder
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    "Mom always liked you best!" said one of the brothers with the last name of Smothers. Did he steal your candy when you were little? Or maybe break your favorite toy? What did he do to make you dislike him this much?

    Your post is a poorly disguised attack on your brother. You make a half hearted attempt to blame UPS for what happened. Then you proceed to rip him apart. Let it go. He's your brother. You don't get a do-over in life and you certainly don't get a guarantee. How would you feel if you lost him tomorrow? The guilt would follow you for the rest of your life.
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    There was a 6 month part-timer doing irregs and walking off missorts while I was pulling a 450/hr load. I'm a 22.3.

    This same kid (18 years old) was buying breakfasts for the supervisors after the midnight shift. Apparently he didn't know about non-fraternizing between union and management.

    This kind of stuff goes on in all the hubs I would assume. The small centeres, no way, there's far too much microscopic stuff going on. But hubs, it's fair game man.

    I told my manager my leg hurt and also I had an agenda to file with corporate HR about the favortism and lack of following seniority, so they moved me to the sort. it was cut and dry.

    If they like you, you'll get what you want. The more you are liked, the more breaks you get. If you complain, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

    Just don't file grievances....
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    A 1 yr. promoted to feeder. Your management rocks. Can I transfer.
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    Can you say "necropost"?
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    snitches get stitches
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    You're just upset because you didn't do it first.
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    I had plans to use that thread, but I was going to wait one more year.