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    Looking for feedback from UPS Retired Management on the coverage the UPS Retire Health Plan provides.

    Does the UPS Retiree Health Plan provide dental coverage?

    Does the UPS Retiree Health Plan provide eye care coverage? If so, is VSP the main provider?

    Can you use your DBB credits leftover to pay for co-pays?

    Can you use the DBB leftover amount for anything?

    Any surprises you learned about once you retired?
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    Yes, prior to age 65, dental insurance is available (limited to $1000 annual maximum). Vision - yes, prior to age 65, through VSP, every 24 months, not annually. DDB credit- prior to age 65, no, you cannot use excess DDBs for anything. After 65, it is possible, in the unlikely event that you have excess DDB, you can use the credit for copays or other medical expenses. Surprises...not yet.
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    Thanks Happybrown and welcome to Brown Cafe.

    We welcome your input but really welcome input on Retirement threads.

    Look forward to your future posts now that you have broken the ice.
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    [FONT=&quot]UPS Provided information[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]As for UPS provided information, UPS does provide Retiree Health Care plan information although I could not find any links or mentioned anywhere on
    It is provided via under the "My Life and Career" tab and then link out to the UPS Retirement Calculator portal and you will see a link under the “Forms” or “Learn More” tabs (don’t ask me!) using the left nav.


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    Back around 2000, they used to hold a couple day seminar(getaway) for all mgmt retirees and spouses to get all info on their upcoming retirement.
    Questions would be answered there.
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    Have not done that for several years. You are really on your own now when the time comes. There is no one to sit down and discuss it like previously. We had one person in our Dist. HR that would not give directions, specifics or say anything that he could be held to. HR just gives you an email form to fill out and it is sent to corporate retirement group. It really is disappointing like everything else we are going through.........Not the same company at all and just shows the top level really does not care.
    Oh and by the way we deal with a specialist level employee and asking about your future with someone who is even less unsure of what we need to know and care about.
    one last comment for Hoax, you deal with UPS corp retirement group for pension and the benefits are with another outside concern and there is something your paperwork triggers for them to get p/w out to you which is SNAIL PACE SLOW.....But your company credit card is cancelled days after first retirement date.
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    I think that was the same year we lost our turkeys, lol
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    I'm 10 months out and already working on it.
    I already got the birth certificates, marriage certificate, the Teamsters saying they ain't paying me squat (4 years in the Teamsters = 0).
    They can screw around if they like and I'll stay to the beginning of the next year.
    That's what one guy in our group did.
    I think he got another 250 or so a month on his pension check but he did have to stick around.
    He bought a pull behind trailer and was gone the next morning.
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    Hello Hoax,
    The best part about retirement health care benefits is the zero cost if you have enough DBB credits. You will still be covered under VSP for a yearly exam. The only difference is the credit for glasses and frames is every 24 months. I am covered under United Health Care for major medical, no changes that I’ve seen except for your children. If you have children they will only be covered if in school or college to 26 years ofage. The new government changes to health care are exempt for retirement plans that cover all children to 26 years of age. My dental max also dropped to $1000. Hope this info helps and good luck in your retirement when it comes.
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    I left this spring with 34 years in, nine f/t driving and the rest management in various positions, departments and assignments like the rest of us have in our careers. Went in the spring so I could enjoy spring and summer with my wife and the family. Leaving in fall and winter might be tougher.
    With the new pay bands, stock (mip ) issues like now in March not November, the mip amount so low (read - fixed planned number ) we can no longer really make more this year or next year and so on. You really need to think about what effects your yearly income and where your best 5 consecutive in 10 years falls. You and I did make less last year and would have made even less in 2012. Which really is crazy.
    If you do the retirement estimates it always assumes and asks what your yearly increase percent will be to give you a number, but if your one of the many who will not get a raise this year or next you will not make more in retirement by waiting.

    LEAVE WHEN YOU CAN and enjoy your new life away from the grind of UPS. You will not believe the difference.
    I have read the same thing Six Sides has said but as I said before they are very slow with info coming in. It is a shame but the union was more on the ball......

    Trust me when I say this..........I DO NOT MISS IT ONE BIT. You will miss some people and even business contacts, but that is why we have phones.

    Hoax good luck with your planning going forward.
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    I have been out for 18 months and agree with your statement ( DON'T MISS IT ON BIT) other than some coworkers and customers. Our hr dept. out of Indianapolis /Cincinnati was a joke as I spent three months with Corporate in Atlanta and wasn't for sure about my date until about the week before. Have been helping a couple local farmers,working for our local township and the County fair running shuttle. Hardest thing is getting out of the parcel mans stride !!
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    Down, I really agree you about the H/R NON-help. It is really a shame. I left in the spring/summer to do all the things we never could before, like took two great trips that you always say, man I'd like to do that.......Well we did that and more. Have spent some great time with family doing things that our work would greatly limit. No phone calls from work or the biggest thing thinking about it and what needs to be done or worked on.

    Only planning is what we want to or need to do next. It really is great ! I have told many coworkers do not wait until will never come.. But peak will and summer coverage of others and do more with less.

    One last comment. It seems to me everything about our (mgmt ) retirement is a not talked about big secret without any real info before hand and nothing on healthcare benefits.
    Again ENJOY IT.... as we all and our families earned it.
  13. The gift of time..not something I remember. Most of my 35 years were spent in package management, many preloads, centers and let's not forget Saturday's! Do I miss it????? Heck no!
    I agree with the others...don't look to H.R. for help. They will supply you with the retirement email. My H.R. guy did'nt even know when the retirement check gets deposited...."around the 1st or 5th of the month, why don't you call a retired partner".
    In fact he told me he is directed not to offer any opinion, just hand out Atlanta's email (phone calls not accepted!). I wasn't asking for opinion, merely what is covered health insurance wise. The days of having a district "go to" retirement guy are long gone.
    I am thankful for the financial reward from my career, and for our pension benefits.
    Long range planning is what I'm doing this afternoon and not how many routes to cut.....if you have the gift of time and you health, you already have your first million bucks!
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    For your monthly retirement benefit:
    Call Mellon Bank Benefit Disbursement at 1-800-773-8919. Changes made will also update your address with UPS.
    For retiree health care:
    Call the Benefits Service Center at 1-800-UPS-1508.

    Individual Medicare Medical Options
    Beginning January 1, 2012, the UPS provided group health care will be replaced with a UPS subsidy that will help you purchase individually-owned coverage and pay for other qualifying medical expenses for retirees who are age 65 and over and Medicare-eligible.
    Prior to turning age 65, you will receive an enrollment kit from Aon Hewitt Navigators that will provide you with detailed information about the Medicare Coordination and Advocacy services available in this program.
    If you have any questions about your options for a Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage and/or Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, contact Aon Hewitt Navigators at1-800-505-8515. You may also visit the website.
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    I recently retired after over 35 years of service. There is one other major difference between the UPS Retirement Health Plan and the UPS (Active Employee) Health Plan that I didn't see mentioned thus far. The maximum the plan would pay out over one's lifetime is capped at $1,000,000. The plan for active employees carries no maximum cap. When I contacted Corporate about it, I was informed that the active employee plan must follow the rules of Obamacare, whereas the retirement health plan was grandfathered and does not have to abide by the new healthcare law. This is also the reason why one's children are only covered up till the age of 26 providing they are still full-time students rather than the active employee plan where there is no full time education requirement.
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    [FONT=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]A Federal Judge has ruled that companies cannot decrease healthcare benefits of retirees when they become medicare eligible. In other words, a company (such as UPS) or a union would have to maintain the same benefit level for those retirees over 65 year old that they do for those retirees under 65.
    [FONT=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]Article.
    [FONT=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]Added 4/4/05
    [FONT=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif][/FONT][/FONT]​
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    If you retire as a part-time supervisor, are you eligible for the UPS Retirement Health Plan? Or is that for full-time employees only? Thanks in advance for any information or thoughts :)
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    I plan to retire around next April, age 55 with 26 years in management. I have been told that there is no health care coverage for management prior to 30 years of service-- is this true?
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    From what I heard from folks who retired\close to retire. UPS sets aside a dollar amount per year worked. Also somewhere around 1990, the set rate was drastically decreased. So the formula was # years prior to the 1990ish * dollar amount + # yrs post 1990ish * lower dollar amount.

    I don't know offhand the two different dollar amounts. But for a 25 year employee (me too) you'd only have a few years at the higher dollar amount. You'll probably have to pay a bit out of pocket initially. However, every year as health care costs go up you will be paying 100% of the increase. Also, when you hit 65 the dollar amounts change again (lowered) since all you need to purchase is a medicare supplement plan vs full blown insurance.