UPS Manager arrested by the feds

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  1. I saw a news article about a metro NY manager being escorted out and arrested by the feds for embezzlement. Can anyone confirm this. I love when these m@!#$% f$%#@^%# get their come upings.
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    I got this off of the AOL stock room website....

    Was it *** *******???? He fast tracked to the top and we all thought he was related to *** *******. He is an ego maniac worse then most.........If it is true It couldn't have happened to a more deserving bum....... We used to call him BigBird as one of his relatives is associated with the program.....

    If it is confirmed he should goto jail like anyone else.
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    He brought his teamster morals to the job. JMO
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    Then please explain anytime that its a serious theft management has been responsible for it. Now i know that were theres people there is the potential for theft and there has been union members fired for the same.

    Recently we just had a preload sup fired for stealing video games. They were investigating the driver for months and found nothing. So the shipper started putting gps chips in the games, turns out the sup would pull her car in everyday and deliver the left in buildings in order to sneak the games out. While she got away with it for months she was tracked and pulled over and arrested. Now this has been hush hush due to our 72 hour notice to strike because of sups working, they thought they could sweep it under the rug. But not every manager or sup is a piece of crap, believe it or not alot of them have our best interest at heart, their hands our tied. The same can be said about union members to not everyone of us is a thief, milkman, etc, alot of us service our customers demands to keep them and we want this company to succeed.
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    You tell em, we need you in addison!!!
  6. Re: UPS driver Frank Ranieri, 25, of Ashton Drive on Staten Island


    Liked to prod girls: DA.

    June 7, 2007 -- A UPS manager was arrested for delivering cash to a teenage girl who fulfilled his sick sexual fetish by letting him prod her with a ballpoint pen, authorities said yesterday.
    Prosecutors said Frank Ranieri, 25, of Ashton Drive on Staten Island, sometimes posed as a cop to win the trust of high-school girls in front of whom he would masturbate after "puncturing their buttocks" with a pin or a pen, according to a criminal complaint.
    Although Ranieri was arrested for sexually assaulting only one of the girls, a 17-year-old, prosecutors said the deranged delivery man carried on with at least four other high school students, including one who was 15.
    "Several thousand dollars have been laid out for these acts," said Wanda DeOliveira, a prosecutor for the Staten Island district attorney.
    DeOliveira said that starting in 2003, Ranieri used money and a promise of paper routes to target girls at Tottenville HS.
    Cops said his latest victim was assaulted numerous times over two weeks in April, during which he paid her at least $500.
    The victim suffered bleeding, bruising and substantial pain, according to officials.
    Ranieri was busted after one of the girls came forward to cops.
    He was charged with second-degree assault as a sexually motivated felony and released on a $500,000 bail.
    Although prosecutors say they have a two-page confession and an audiotape substantiating the allegations, Ranieri's attorney said the charges are bogus.
    Lawyer Vincent Martinelli said his client is the victim or an extortion scheme.
    "As heinous as these allegations are, a so-called victim can be equally as heinous to make them up," Martinelli said.
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    Yes, it happened in my building.
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    Just another manager that got caught. What happened to the supervisor John that pushed the employee into the pole in the suffolk building? OH he got re assigned to the Nasau building even though a police report was filed and the employee is still on comp. Building manager in Island City get transfered to Melville building for knocking boots with a loader. CAnt make this stuff up, just a note to our suits. Keep your thing in your pants and your hands to yourself. UPS can cover alot of your messups but the police usually wont.
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    Really. Its always mangement Red? And you need it explained Red? We have had our share of management busted for thefts but we have also had our share of major theft in other job functions and overall a lot more theft from the hourly ranks. Perhaps they don't arrest hourlys out your way because they are protected by the chicago mob.:wink2:
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    It`s not much different than the managment we have hiding behind the Labor dept.
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    Now you want to compare a couple p-timers that steal a cell phone to ftime sups and managers that are career employees, not a fair comparison. Do you really think if i had connections with the mob that i would allow you to keep typing away?:surprised:
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    Alot of bad PR for the suits in our district, agree????
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    bad boys bad boys what you going to do when I come for you....
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    This thread started out by saying a manager was arrested for embezzlement, then some links were added that named a driver that was arrested for being a pervert. Are these two separate instances? We had a 30 something year Oncar fired a few years ago for sexual harassment of an OMS and a driver fired a few months back for the same thing with customers. Neither one of them are missed.
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    Heard him and 2 sups taken out of 43rd street in cuffs; way to go Joe! Close to $10 million? Maybe he had to make up for his low mip! Believe he WAS a dm.
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    Rumor mill is there were 2 walked off. Guess this is the other clown.
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    It was the district mananger, the man who signs the checks, in my district anyway..
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    Does it surpise you? but remember....Ron Carey was a bad bad man.....
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    I heared about the suit that pushed the guy ino the pole but didnt hear about the other manager. How is it that he still has his job?
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    fair comparison or not...the one thing they all had in common is that they were people. Temptation makes people do dumb things regardless of their "status". People are dumb. Plain and simple...:happy-very: