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    How can ups pay drivers to stay in the building just to keep them from showing on road while the rest of the drivers are working 12hr days? It doesnt add up, these guys are still getting paid plus the ot for everyone else.
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    Care to elaborate with details? I don't understand what you are talking about.
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    UPS now plays a numbers game. It's not "what's the best way to get these packages to my customers" it's "how do I fudge these numbers so corporate doesn't ream me." If the general public new how much UPS caters to the numbers and not the customers, we would be in serious trouble.
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    The customer does not care about anything except
    1) How much
    2) Package condition
    3) Time in Transit
    4) Problem resolution

    Now if chasing the numbers affects any of the above, they care. But the customer does not care about internal processes and procedures ... just results.

    .Nice avatar by the way...why did he stop speaking?
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    Are you a full time driver or making an observation? UPS does not pay drivers to sit around all day, and not put them on road, unless the driver is working TAW (Temporary Alternate Work) due to an injury.

    Here we go again, UPS is a house of cards or ponzi scheme waiting to collapse.

    So you are saying every outside audit firm, the board of directors and management committee, provide guidance on how to "fudge the numbers".

    They should throw UPS up for grabs, get rid of all work measurements, not hold people accountable to do their jobs, and most importantly, tell the customers, our service sucks, and please use our competition.

    UPS numbers are all validated by internal and external auditors, technology and the hard working people of UPS, both management, non management and union.

    Find something else to do with your time, than insult the company that provides you with a job and benefits for your family.
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I assume he is talking about drivers who have been laid off and are now working in the hub/center. Yes, they are getting paid, but it may or may not be the wage that they had been receiving when they were driving. As for the OT part, I agree with you 110% but UPS math says better to pay mucho overtime than reduce the paid day and recall the laid off drivers.
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    the day you figure out how to get everyone to sign that 9.5 sheet, it will be the day we solve our problems.
  8. helenofcalifornia

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    I am tired, REALLY tired, of working 11 hour days. (which is why I took this day off). I didn't work these many hours on a weekly basis during Christmas.
  9. trplnkl

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    Are you filing the O/9.5 grievances?
  10. cachsux

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    Knock on wood, we don`t have on laid off feeder driver yet. I think a big part of that is our contract has anyone laid off paid the same driver wage when in the building. Instead hours worked have been reduced overall.
  11. tieguy

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    I'm surprised thats still going on in these economic times and with our efforts to cut cost including overtime.
  12. fethrs

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    That's not the case in my building, all the packages go out for delivery and if they don't they have an exception scan (a valid one). We have very few left in building scans.
  13. dilligaf

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    Chan, I have to diagree with the first part of your satement. We have a ft driver that is a safety co-chair and he rarely ever goes out on rte. So, in effect UPS is paying him to sit in the office all day long. I have had him come out to help me on rte. What I needed was someone to take stops and what they did was send him out without a diad to jump for me. They did not want him showing out on rd. Don't ask me why, I cannot answer it.
  14. dilligaf

    dilligaf IN VINO VERITAS

    Tie I agree with you in that it is surprising. We have the same problem here. We have at least 1 rte broke out (and sometimes 2) at least 3 days a week. The extra volume gets dumped on everyone else and forces many drivers over. Not only does it bump up the overtime pay, it bumps up the 9.5 greivances. WHY?
  15. wrecker

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    What costs more? Overtime or benefits?

    Here, benefits (h/w, pension) are only paid on straight time.

    Plus, there is a cost associated with sending out more routes - miles, fuel, etc..

    Then there are the dumb drivers that will take shortcuts, and skip lunch because they are overwhelmed with work.
  16. helenofcalifornia

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    I am not one of those dumb drivers that take shortcuts or skip my one hour lunch (though I would love to cut it back down to 1/2 hour) because I am overwhelmed with work, but I will admit to feeling dumb and brain dead after weeks of this "stuff."

    They have cut routes in our building and the one that impacts me is mostly business which kills me! They want you in early, but don't really complain about all the OT. They want us to take all our breaks on the road, but then the business would not be delivered before pickups.

    There is a movement in our center to get everyone to ask for the 9.5 in hopes of putting some of the laid off drivers back on the road. It is just starting to be talked about, so we will see how far it goes.
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  17. wrecker

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    If taking breaks at the proper time cuts into service, that is a dispatch problem. A few missed businesses might get some drivers back on the road.

    But, yeah, anything over 10 hours in a package car is brutal.
  18. squirlygirly

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    I work in a center, not a hub in the San Fran. Bay Area. We have 170 drivers total. Just recently, more than 20, less than 30 were laid off for a couple of weeks, brought back more than half then re-laid them off again. All the while, more then 50, less then 60 P-Timers, have been laid off, drivers taking up the slack.

    Although tonight, drivers "in the building" were told not to expect to hit the road til Christmas. Even with vacations coming up for the summer, drivers out on disability because management expects alot of the O-Timers,25-30+ years with UPS to pick up the slack, making them work 12-15 hour days into the nights...

    What gets me, with some of the people posting here, they make it sound like so much of a :beach_ball:, while the rest of us...:devillangel:...~:-<<<
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    Actually, in RI, and all of New England, contributions to pension and H&W funds are paid on all hours that the employee is paid for, up to a maximum of forty hours per week. If an employee works ten hours a day Monday thru Thursday, he has already gotten his forty hours maximum for the week. His overtime hours count. However he earns no additional benefits, and no contributions are made on his behalf, if he works on Friday.

    All paid hours count toward the forty hour maximum, vacation days, holidays, sick days, etc.

    Odd as it may seem, a New England employee who has gotten his forty hours maximum each and every week earns a full year of Pension Credit in the Pension Fund by Veterans Day. He earns no additional pension credit for working the rest of the year. Contributions are still made up to forty hours per week, but he accrues no additional pension credit. So if someone arranged to take every Peak Season off for their entire career, say, by using unpaid FMLA Leave, they would earn the same amount of Pension Credit as someone who suffered through each of those thirty or more Peak Seasons.

    [Of course, taking even one Peak Season off would be wrong. So very wrong.]
  20. UnsurePost

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    So wrong, but so right!

    Your vacation paid time is calculated using the previous years paid hours, correct?