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  1. Tony G.

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    Okay, so I've been employed with UPS since September of last year. I've been getting jumped on about missorts and me putting items in the wrong bins which is okay. However today I was told that I had 3 missorts one of them dating all the way back in December 22nd and one being pointed out by a manager stating that it wasn't exactly my fault it was a bagger's fault that didn't check the bottom bins for fall ins (our belts get jammed pack during peak season and the bottom bins are easy targets). I was told by a supervisor that was in place for my full time due to him being sick that if i keep getting misloads that 1. I would get a warning. 2. I would get suspended 3. I would be terminated. BUT my whole point is that I never purposefully get a misload nor am I blind or unable to see myself putting items in their prospective bins. I just want some insight on this because everytime they see me they jump on me about me having a misload..
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    prove it...
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  3. barnyard

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    You just defined progressive discipline. Quit misloading and you will be fine.
  4. Rack em

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    You'll be fine. We have preloaders that misload 3+ everyday and nothing ever happens. As long as you're aware of the problem and do your best to fix it, then there's really nothing they can do.

    I remember as a preloader there was a certain number of misloads/missorts allowed per package count. For example it was acceptable to have 1 misload per 2,500 packages which means ups admits that mistakes happen and no one is perfect.
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    First of not sign anything. RTS ! Are you on the new NGSS scanning?
  6. Tony G.

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    I believe we are still on the old scanners. I hope not because I just feel like all of the managers are really locking down on me and I'm trying to fix the issue but it is very difficult to sort when the belt is packed full and theres barely enough room to move and move items to their designated bins. I sort preferably 4,000 packages within a 4 hour time frame and may get 1 missort and it's the end of the world..
  7. DriveInDriveOut

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    It's good you take pride in your job and want to be good at what you do, don't let management break you down. Everyone makes mistakes, show up on time and give a fair days work and no one can touch you.
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  8. Matty_lawn

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    Wow discipline for that? The guy next to me gets aboit 8 a day and nothing happens.
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  9. Steward773

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    Slow down, double or triple check the packages.
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  10. Gumby

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    Number one December 22nd is too late to issue discipline on.

    Don't let him blow smoke up your ass. This is the time of year they start nickel and dime everyone

    And next time he wants to talk to you tell him you want a steward present, that will usually shut him up.
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    so, what is that?