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    Morale seems to be down at my center and has been for awhile. Even morale has been down and I usually enjoy coming to work. Listening to management tell us everyday that we are not meeting our goals is getting old.
    I know that the pay at UPS is great and so are the benefits; BUT if you really want the union members to help management meet these goals I believe there needs to be more for us to achieve and get recognition for!!
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  2. packageguy

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    I feel the same way, he 18 years, never seen it this bad. hope for change, but right now I don't see it.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Your center has low morals??
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    Come on Big guy, It was a minor spelling error. I fixed it for him. Let him speak, dont scare him away:happy2:
    And yess messups, it seems to be the case that many centers have low morale. You will find many threads about it as you read on.
    And welcome to Browncafe, the friendliest site on the web.
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    Treat everyone like crap, never get "You did a good Job Yesterday" and be treated without any sort of recognition whether it be Safe Driving or No misloads etc. etc. will make anyone feel just like a number. Since going public it has gotten much worse as the pressure on Dm's and center manager's has gotton alot heavier.The stockholders matter more than anything or anyone at UPS. Sad that customer service has gone south also. This is not the same UPS I started working for in 81, and others will agree that there was once a time you could actually (at Times) be able to talk to any Dm or center manager that would listen and try to fix things that made sense.. Common Sense is gone now and as you plod along the yrs at UPS you will see things that you to will someday say to yourself " Things have changed since I started back in 95 or 96..:surprised:
  6. TheKid

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    The beatings will continue until morale improves.
  7. menotyou

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    I have heard rumers about those centers with low morals!!:funny:

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    well in that case we should throw our 2011 buisness plan out the window so employee morale gets better.
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    This will never change until the workers at UPS stop the "I'm fearful they will come after me". They are coming after anyone and everything they can right now. They want this fear because they know they get the numbers from you. Use the methods and keep good notes and use the company rule book. Until the IBT and the locals stop getting the fat checks and members go to the meetings and force the locals to do something this will go on. I'm not a Dem or GOP but feel if there is a is agreement with the union and UPS then it is a rule of law and it should be enforced.
  10. dannyboy

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    First off, if you do the job to the best of your ability, they dont/wont have a real reason to complain. Notice I said real reason.

    Secondly, when they do rides with you, especially the one day snapshot, dont do anything differently then what you do every day. You are not out there to impress the sup, you are out there for them to see how things go every day. Do your route normally.

    Third, dont cheat. That applies to the company and yourself. Take your lunch.

    Follow the methods, do the right thing every day, regardless of who is or is not watching.

    People that have been fired for "production reasons" have had management ride with them countless times, the the production numbers on the day of the rides is significantly higher than the driver does on their own. That is an indication that the driver is not doing the same job day in and day out.

    And one high profile case, they even lowered the target several times to allow the driver to make the goal. But instead of doing that, he dropped even further, which ended up being a nail in the job coffin.

    So, bottom line, if you are doing the best job possible, and be honest with yourself, dont sweat it. They will always want more (see the rant on quitting) no matter what you do. So give them an honest days work, every day. And they will not be able to find fault with it that will stick.

  11. JustTired

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    Usually, when there's "low morals" at the top..........there's "low morale" at the bottom.
  12. dilligaf

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    My preload sup has no morals. Does that count? :happy-very:
  13. whiskey

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    This isn't your father's UPS. The union turns a blind eye to the goings on because UPS is the only remaining golden goose for the Teamsters. Eventually, there will be a tipping point, where UPS steps on some rather large teamster toes. Then the real pissing contest begins. We are not there yet. But soon.
    A protracted strike will put an end to fat checks. I think strike pay is 55 dollars a week. At least that's what it was in 1997. Strikes happen every 5 or 10 years. It's been 10 years now. They are good. They help get the bad blood out. Kinda like the Godfather movie.
  14. steward71

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    I can agree to some of this, but you talk of the strike fund. There is none at my local. The NLRB shows that my local has $0 in the bank and I would bet others are the same. In fact our BA has been given a pay increase of close to $40,000 since 2002 as the NLRB shows. In fact, he is able to get those pay increases because his supports are the only ones showing up for the meeting and when someone does say somehting they are told by our BA the other workers are here from other union shops so they don't want to hear about UPS BS. He will then tell the members you can talk to me after the meeting. But then after the meeting he goes into a room with the full time feeder steward to have a meeting with him and then to the shop steward meeting, which no has even been told who is on this board. We only see the same person and that is the full time steward from feeders who is the VP of our local. Then we have a full time shop steward who used to be in management. We have grievances from 09 that are just been heard at local meeting. So what you are saying is UPS is the teamster Golden Chi Chi and does not want to rock the boat. When the leadership of our local talks about how the poor labor man for UPS is stressed out and they are runnning him down there is a problem. So Iquess I need to change my name here on BC becasue I did resign from the steward role a few days ago. The #2 guy at our local is not bad at least he does not set telling half truths. Oh buy the way #2 guy I was rigth part timers can Cash in on the pension as long as they have not been there over 10 years. You mean well #2 guy. Just me ranting. #2 guy pension info was given to me by the UPS Pension office.
  15. hypocrisy

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    Where exactly are you finding strike fund account info and salary info at the NLRB?
  16. steward71

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    You need the file # they have been issued by the US Department of Labor. I did make a mistake in stating I get the information the US Departement of Labor not the NLRB, sorry my fault. Anyway it may be easy for you to go to TDU they have the site in the links. What local are you with I may be able to help you I have most if not all the file #'s for the teamsters local. PM if you want I will see if I have it. You can also go to the site of the USDL and all you need is the Local full title and local #. But the File number is 6 #'s like 000-000. This will give you at least the last 10 years of the local LM-1, LM-2 and so on.
    You can get a copy of the union bylaws as well from the USDL. All unions have to report this at the end of the year.
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    Go here . . .

    Beside UNION NAME choose IBT-TEAMSTERS from the drop-down list,

    and hit the SUBMIT button.

    You'll get a clickable list of all 522 Teamster Locals, Joint Councils, Conferences, and the International.
  18. Signature Only

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    No, I'm sure its a good plan....Maybe throwing you out the window would raise morale.
  19. menotyou

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    Gee, I've never heard you whine over in the management forums.:wink2:
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    Morale stinks at our center. I feel strongly that volume up and they are trying to whip the unload into getting it out in the same amount of time as when we were slower.

    Our ft preload sup is losing his cool and making impossible demands of the pt sups. Pkgs are stacked to a point where we cannot move. When we shut the belt down ft sup tears into the pt sup or swears at the hourly who "did the deed". This is plain ugly business.

    I am not comfy when supervisors get into nasty arguments in front of us. Poor morale, you betcha.

    Last few days many have called off sick. PT sup is doing hourly work. Yesterday he parked himself beside me and settled in move pkgs. I told him no offense, I understand that you're trying to get the work done but I WILL file a grievance if you do the work. Told him it wasn't personal and that the company would just have to staff properly. He went away, probably to move pkgs out of my sight.

    Lots of call ins and it really messes us up but they don't do much about it. Union and management have been protecting a golden few who call in or are late regularly so the whole attendance policy has gone down the drain. Just doesn't make a person feel so good about kicking butt. Sorry for the rant, it's just worse than it has ever been with no end in sight.