UPS must face New York lawsuit over illegal cigarette shipments

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    UPS must face New York lawsuit over illegal cigarette shipments - Reuters

    A federal judge said New York State and New York City may pursue a lawsuit accusing United Parcel Service Inc of illegally delivering more than 683,000 cartons of untaxed cigarettes in the state, depriving them of millions of dollars in taxes.

    U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest in Manhattan rejected UPS' argument that the lawsuit, which sought more than $181 million of damages and penalties, did not properly allege that it delivered contraband cigarettes to unauthorized recipients, or did so deliberately.

    "The amended complaint alleges that UPS knowingly delivered enormous quantities of unstamped, untaxed cigarettes to persons throughout the United States, including the State and the City," Forrest wrote on Wednesday. "That is sufficient."
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    that one will sting a bit.
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    Don't they usually buy their way out?
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    ...and they will again....
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    That's their mentality, they think their god and cant be defeated. I bet they have so many lawsuits against them its not even funny. I guess when you have unlimited cash flow you can buy your way out of anything I guess lol. They need to be taught a lesson that they cant just do whatever they want when they want.
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    I'm surprised UPS wasn't more careful. After NY hit FedEx for the same thing it was a no brainer they would look to squeeze UPS next.