UPS needs some backbone with idiot customers...

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    I was just hoping to get some quick thoughts on what you think about this situation. Sorry, its kind of long but I didnt want to leave out any details.

    On my route there is a dead end private road. It is about a half mile long with 4 houses on it. The second house in is a very nice guy who runs a business out of his home and gets quite a few packages a week. I am having issues with the husband and wife at the first house on this road. When I took this route 3 years ago I was stopped by the husband who said he thought I was going too fast. He said he had children playing outside and he didnt feel it was safe. I was driving about 20 MPH and I suppose I really didnt think it was too fast but apologized anyway and asked him what speed was preferable to him and he said no faster than 15mph. I agreed and since then I never went over 15mph. They rarely get any packages but the man at the second house in does every day.

    Throughout the last 3 years, even though I am going 15, I would continually get dirty looks from his wife each day with her motioning me to slow down. I further lowered my speed to 10, in fact I would just leave the truck in 1st gear which tops out at 12mph if floored. Still, I would get angry looks as I passed by their house if they were out and I just learned to ignore it.

    Anyways today I go down the private road and deliver to the second house in. I left the truck in first gear and was right around 10-11 mph. On the way back out the woman was standing along side the road and shaking her head. I just ignored her and went on with my route. After completing the rest of my deliveries in this subdivision, I had to pass the entrance to this private road in which this woman and her husband were standing by the side of the road. She stands out in the middle of the road waving for me to stop.

    She yells, "You need to slow down. You are going way too fast. I have a 3 year old who likes to play by the road and your going to hit him."

    I responded, "I was only going about 10 mph. I am not going to go any slower than that. You should be watching your 3 year old and not let him play by the road. I understand how your concerned for your child as I am too but this is getting ridiculous"

    Her husband jumped in "This is a private road, our kids can play anywhere they want. I own this land and noone drives faster along this road than you do."

    I respond back, "You told me that you wanted a 15mph speed limit on this road in which I am not even going that fast. So tell me, what speed along here will make you happy?"

    He says, "You are not to come down this road again. I am calling UPS and telling them you are not allowed down this stretch."

    I said," Well that will include you as well then. What about your deliveries?"

    She jumps in, "You will have to put them in my mailbox."

    I replied, "No, we cannot do that. I suppose you will have to come and pick up your packages from our center."

    She says," UPS will have to put a box out here then for our packages."

    I replied, "No, its your responsibility to provide a safe secure delivery location at your residence."

    He then just got mad and told me to beat it but he was filing a complaint with the sheriff. I left the area, pulled over and called his neighbor who recieves all the packages in which I explained the entire situation. The neighbor is a great guy who said he would back me up 100% and he knows I never go over 15mph. He said all the residents on this road do 30 or more up and down and he thought I was the slowest person there. He said they do not own the land the private road is on but he does and not to worry about anything. I then called the Sheriff department information line and explained the situation and that these people claimed they were filing a complaint. The person I talked to kind of chuckled and said not to worry about anything, there was nothing I did wrong, unless I was doing donuts or driving on their lawn, there was nothing they could do. However, they said I could file a complaint on them and the woman would be issued a ticket for interfering with a motor vehicle for when she walked out and stopped me. I was tempted but I think UPS would seriously frown on that along with it only adding fuel to the fire.

    I then here from the office where they called in a complaint stating that I am seriously speeding down their road, in fact they called me just a "blurr" as I was going so fast. They claim that when they approached me about it I totally lost control and started screaming and yelling at them.

    My supervisor already left for the day and no one was around so this will be dealt with Monday and I hate having this hanging over my head. So I was just wondering if you have ever had any similar experiences and what happened?
  2. Forty6and2

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    haven't yet had any experiences like that- but i sure hope those people get whats coming to them. they are being absolutely rediculous.
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    Do you think so? These are very wealthy people who seem as if the world revolves around them. However, I have been trying to think this over and figure if I am in the wrong here somehow but I really think I am doing everything safe and even above and beyond.

    This woman seemed shocked when I told her I had 3 boys of my own and I understand but they also know to not play anywhere near a road, private or not.
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    I feel for ya man... It will be your fault, the customer is never wrong, it's always the drivers fault.

    I had a package that needed a signature, I get there, ring, knock, ring... cross off the package NI-1 fill out a delivery notice put it on the door, leave... The next day I have a print off in my slot stating the customer had left the door unlocked and complained that I had'nt put the package inside the door... My supervisor sees me reading it, and wants me to sign the paper... I told him, the package needs a signature... He agreed, but told me he would like me to sign this all the same to show I've been counseled on the matter and he walks off... I of course do not sign anything, because I have done nothing wrong... but the next morning I get the same print off in my diad slot:angry:
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    I wouldn't worry about it at all! That crap happens all the time where I'm at and it is the same kind of lies that you are being accused of. I've been accused of speeding(like you), yelling and cursing at someone, and even being drunk. (I begged to be taken in for a blood test when I got that phone call on area) I don't know if people just think we are an easy target for their frustrations or what, but when they threaten to call in and then you act unimpressed and even write down the phone number for them, that's when the lies start coming out. I think it was Scratch who got a complaint for not leaving a delivery notice, but the people called the center on a private line that he had written on THEIR notice to complain about it. Most people will lie to improve their position.
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    Surviv'n First of all you cannot be denied access to your customers. We, as drivers, have the same 'right of access' as police, fire, and any other service industry has. Secondly, I would never have 'gotten in to it' with the home owner. Please don't take offense to this. The BEST thing to do is give them the center number and a name to talk to. This way you have at least some protection from being accused of 'yelling and screaming'. It is a good thing that you have your regular cnee to back you up and also that you called the local authority. Next time they are in the street flagging you down, stop, don't say anything to them, call local authority and center manager. (I have every one of our local authorities phone numbers in my phone) I am quite sure that local authorities will think it very curious that the parents of young children think it is okay for their children to play in or near the road.

    I had 1 resi home that has approached me about speed and it only happened 1 time. I am always conscious around that house.

    Sometimes there is nothing that you can do about these types of people. Try not to lose any sleep over this. I know it is very stressing, sometimes from the beginning of the day, knowing you have this stop coming up.

    This parent needs to grow up and get their child away from the street. All they are going to do is teach their child that being a bully is ok.
  7. surviv'n_it

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    Thanks, you make a very good point about just trying to avoid an argument. I suppose I just thought I would be able to work it out there and avoid them calling in a complaint. I learned my lesson now.
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    First of all, if they are allowing their 3 yr. old to play in the road unsupervised, that says a lot about the mentality of the "adults" you're dealing with. They're probably not going to be agreeable to any solution you come up with.

    Secondly, if you're driving in 1st gear, then your truck will sound like it's going faster than it really is, especially if you're topping out 1st gear. Try second gear. Your engine won't rev nearly as loud, and the loudness of your engine may be what's setting them off.

  9. dilligaf

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    Trust me!!!!!! You will never win an argument with a :censored2: off customer. It is best to bite your tongue and keep your losses to a minimum. It is so tempting to try and make your point but it is not worth it. Walk away from the situation and let those that get paid the big bucks deal with it. The most important thing is that you know you are right. Sometimes that solice seems like it is not enough but you have to make it enough.
  10. LKLND3380

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    Call child protective services and report that the three year old is unsupervised and plays in the middle of the road.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    When the lady stopped the truck I would've said "No habla English".
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    Sounds pretty simple to me. Not Delivered - Refused - Didn't want -> QC. They made it very clear they no longer want you to deliver to them. They can't speak for the rest of the people on the road, so they will all still continue to get their packages.

    Start waving and smiling when you pass their house. If they approach you again, tell them to call the cops and then ignore them and go about your business. This kind of treatment will eat them alive inside, it's usually my preferred tactic when dealing with idiots.

    There's always an idiot on a road like this or in a cul-de-sac. I've had many a run-in with bored stay at home mothers, reached a point long ago where I just expect it at least weekly.
  13. dilligaf

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    Griff, pls reread the original post.

    As I understand it, the problem is with a neighbor of the regular cnee. It is not fair to punish IE: (RTS) the regular reciever because the neighbor is a jerk. There are other ways to deal with this.
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    Well, You shouldn't even beat yourself over that either, Because you did try to work it out with them once before in a good manner, And I don't see honestly what more you could have done to please those people.....It comes down to those parents need to "watch" their 3 yr old kid while outside and especially if they see your brown truck coming their direction like they always do, Then they should demand their child to stay away from the road until you exit....I think eventually even if you were absolutely cooperative they would have called your center and complained anyway (If they were continue believing you were driving too fast)
  15. toonertoo

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    Please dont waste your weekend, your time worrying about idiots.
    I could not have resisted the fight. They have a spoiled rotten child they cant control and he "likes" to play by the road, and no one wants to hurt his little "psyche" by telling him NO. This child doesnt need boundaries, or need to learn limits. Meet this child in 12 more yrs, he will be a haughty handful. People are idiots, we are surrounded by idiots.
    Tell them like you told us, and the next time you go by, at the posted speed limit, just wave, flip them off as soon as they cant see, and have a great weekend!

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    I had an issue like this last year from the 1st house of a private road when I had to deliver to the 6th. She bitched and complained I was going too fast and she had kids in the yard. So I did just what you did, kept it in 1st gear and drove by her house. She called UPS and filed a complaint (BITCH)

    Driving it in first gear makes the truck sound like its going faster than it really is. They could be in their house or in the backyard and hear our motor revving by their house and think we just pulled out of the pits. I just leave it in 2nd and roll by them not even giving them the courtesy of eye contact
  17. scratch

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    I have had several speeding complaints like this back when I drove a stick shift. I would put it in the next highest gear to cut down on noise. Where I am at, the speed limit is 25mph in subdivisions, and most people have no concept of how fast that really is.

    Over the years, most of my management team knows that people call in and lie about stuff all the time. If you aren't getting the same type of complaints constantly, you should have nothing to worry about. I have a reputation for honesty and my supervisors and managers have always taken my word over the customer. Some customers are idiots, and they know that. I have been falsely accused of knocking down two mail boxes, tearing up yards, not ringing the doorbell or leaving notices, running over a dog, etc. We get blamed for a lot of things we don't do. I used to have a Center Manager that would tell us to just RTS everything for certain "difficult" consignees.

    Surviv'n_it, I would just keep my speed down when you pass this particular house, there are some people that like to be too picky and there will never be anything you can do to please them.
  18. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I have an older lady who always seems to be out walking her equally older dog on this one street when I am making my deliveries and she chatised me for blowing my horn 2 houses before the house I was to deliver to as we are all instructed to do. I ignored her and continued on. When she did this again several days later, I stopped and explained why I did it and now we wave to each other so sometimes it just takes a quick explanation. Of course, to be blunt, it was none of her damn business why I blew the horn, but taking the time to explain it to her saved me from possibly having to explain a concern to my center manager.

    Heffer hit it on the head--the pkg car sounds a lot louder if you are in 1st rather than 2nd and the "perception" on the customer's part is that you are driving a lot faster than you really are.

    Dilligaf, you are right but only to a point. If the street sign has another sign saying something to the effect of "Private Road/Way" attached to it then our access may in fact be limited; however, I don't think that this is the case here as there are several houses on this road and private roads are usually limited to one, or at most, two houses.

    Enjoy your weekend, chat with your center manager Monday morning, keep the vehicle in 2nd with speed reduced, ignore the morons, and take care of their neighbor.
  19. JustTired

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    I've found the worst complainers are not those who actually have money. But those that try to look like they have money. They're usually in debt so far that , in order to make their miserable existence bearable, they lash out at anything they think will make them feel better. If the truth be known, they probably don't make as much money as you do, and they know it.

    I'd rather deliver to 100 people who seemingly have nothing, than to 1 who thinks they own the world. Those who have next to nothing are generally more cheerful.
  20. Ghost in the Darkness

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    Maybe you could suggest they get invisible fencing for their free roaming toddler... :wink2:. They sound like miserable people who like to share their misery.

    On a serious note though it sounds like you did the right thing talking to the other customer and the sheriff. I occasionally come across people who feel they need to go on their power trip and give you the slow down signal even when I'm doing 5 mph under the posted limit. I don't even stop and talk, I just waive and keep going.