UPS - Not Attractive Amidst A Global Economic Slowdown

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    UPS - Not Attractive Amidst A Global Economic Slowdown - Seeking Alpha

    The company remains heavily dependent on the global economy and the major economies are all weakening at the same time. A positive sign is continued strength in the US market, most likely driven by the trend towards more online shopping, driven by the likes of (AMZN). Worrying is that Asian air capacity is cut by another 10%.

    In the long term the addition of TNT will result in more geographic diversified operations. In the meantime worries about the prospects of the Eurozone keep mounting and with a premium valuation I see few triggers for a short to medium term outperformance in shares. Shares need to see a significant decline of double digit percentages before I would consider taking a long position. If I had to invest in the sector my preference would go towards Fedex, even as the company missed out the TNT acquisition.