UPS: Not Decided Whether To Cancel Order For Airbus A380

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    UPS: Not Decided Whether To Cancel Order For Airbus A380 - Smart Money

    Parcel delivery company UPS, the last remaining customer for the cargo version of the Airbus A380, said Friday it hadn't decided whether to cancel its order for the superjumbos.
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    Why would we want to cancel an order of an aircraft that has had many delays. Why don't we follow the example of PAS and waste alot of money on a system that eventually will work once the "system" figures out the problems. Personally, UPS should invest in the new 7E7 Dreamliner.
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    Agreed, the dreamliner is great, and Boeing makes a product that's far superior to the crap Airbus makes.

    But it's a question of

    anywhere in the world point-to-point
    double (or whatever figure) the cargo and half the flights to the same hub.

    The 380 is a horrific aircraft for passengers (imagine what the deplaning of 600 pax would be like), but IMO, the 380 is a great idea for hub and spoke cargo like this. You can cut the flights from Louisville to Cologne in half, because I'm pretty sure they don't just do one.

    But of course, you have to deal with EU/Airbus BS. It'll be interesting to see what happens.