UPS now two pay raises behind

JL 0513

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When the new pay rate finally goes into effect, it'll feel extra nice. That's the upside.

I've already forgotten the GWI details, the new contract has changed them to once per year, right? Is this now each Feb 1, and for all 5 years? Or is it Aug 1?


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is this you

JL 0513

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What’s funny is this numbnuts wants his raise but doesn’t know how to tag someone after being a member of this website for over five years. That’s what’s :censored2:ing funny.

Dude, I don't need the stupid raise.

Why is it assumed I wanted to tag you?

And what's up with the name calling? Feeling tough in front of your keyboard?

Heavy Package

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You go on this site and bitch about retro pay and no raises yet due to the contract not being settled after 7 damn months and the noobs on here turn on you like a manager having to answer for a bad telematics report.

The contract sucks, we were sold out, but holding out for your Bojangles chicken biscuit every Friday or your birthday pay or whatever crumbs you think you can get is ridiculous. Hold a vote and get over it and ready to fight in 2023.