UPS offers benefits to gay workers' partners

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    UPS offers benefits to gay workers' partners - Daily Record

    After persuasion from New Jersey's governor and attorney general, United Parcel Service of America announced today that it would extend health insurance benefits to the civil union partners of gay employees.
  2. DS

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    Thats one small step for man and a giant step for his husband.
  3. ups79

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    I would image they accepted this knowing that within a few years they will try to get out of offering health insurance to any employee.
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    They should extend the coverage to grandparents ,and our pets too,maybe even our next door neighbors If these are Company health plans,let them do what they want,But if these are Teamster health plans,there should be a vote by the membership on the subject,before the plan is bled dry.....Hmmmm! sneak attack, they're coming around the back door,sounds like the company is trying to pick up some brownie points for the next time they mention taking over the pension