UPS on Mend, but Holiday View Unclear

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    UPS on Mend, but Holiday View Unclear - The Street

    Like the economy, UPS(UPS Quote) has recovered during 2009, but recently it seems to have stalled a bit.

    The largest overnight package carrier, which at any moment has 6% of U.S. GDP and 2% of world GDP in its system, doesn't have a clear signal to offer on which way the holidays will go. It is hiring holiday workers at a pace slightly below its norm. And it predicts a long, slow recovery.
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    As of today, UPS stock has slipped into negative territory for the year, while FedEX and the S&P500 are up around 18%.
    Why is this? Both companies are often described as economic bellweathers but Wall Street seems to favor one over the other. I thought both reports of most recent profit sounded about the same, as well.