UPS Once Again Leads Nation in United Way Donations

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    UPS Once Again Leads Nation in United Way Donations - Yahoo

    For the ninth consecutive year, UPS and its employees have led the nation in supporting the annual United Way campaign.

    With more than 249,000 individuals participating, UPS employees and retirees pledged more than $53 million to United Way during this year’s campaign, more than any other participating company. UPS’s matching contribution, to be determined early next year by The UPS Foundation, is expected to push UPS’s total donation for 2008 over $60 million.
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    :happy-very: wonderful. Good to see so many willing participants.
    shall we count the broken arms now?


    I donate willingly and proudly.
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    I saw in the Boston paper this weekend that the head of United Way Boston region made about $ 375.000 in o7 how nice!! Thats 1 Yankee dollar from every UPS employee in the U.S just to cover the Big Shots salary just in Boston!!! So much for him helping the poor!! Give to The JIMMY FUND!!!! YOUR $$$$$ goes to help find a cure for cancer in children!!!!!!!:angry::angry::angry:
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    Amazing. Happy it was “suggested” that I (we) contribute more.