UPS Opening New Facility to Serve Portland Area

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    UPS Opening New Facility to Serve Portland Area - UPS

    UPS (NYSE:UPS) today announced it is opening a large, modern package sorting and delivery facility in Portland, doubling the capacity of its older building. The new $86 million facility, including parking and trailer staging areas, spans 46 acres.

    "The new Swan Island building will allow us to process more package volume in less time and with less effort, which will definitely benefit our customers and our employees," said Nancy Koeper, president, UPS Northwest District. "We see significant growth potential in this part of the country and this facility positions UPS to provide the best of service for years into the future."

    The facility at 6707 North Basin Ave is an expansion of the old building, which was built in 1971. The new building covers 263,488 square feet; can accommodate up to 265 delivery trucks, and can sort up to 40,000 packages per hour. The old building could service up to 204 trucks and was able to sort half as many packages as the new structure. The new facility also features a modern customer counter inside to handle any shipping need. An automated "tilt tray" sorting process has been added for the sortation of small packages.