ups or sdn?

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    the other morning i woke up and saw my black ups shirt, and the logo was upside down....sdn?...hmm, that seemed a little weird, so i searched it on yahoo and came up with website of the US treasury, under foriegn assets control, and there was a list called the sdn list (Specially Designated Nationalists), pretty much a list of "terrorists" and organizations that the US keeps from obtaining assets and what have you.... heres the link

    U.S. Treasury - SDN List

    Hypothesis: The list looks more like a list of important personnel rather than terrorists. The list is 200+ pages, so how would they know all these foriegners anyway?...They may be shareholders of US corporations, such as UPS, and if they are, they probably own a good chunk.

    Then when i told my cousin about it, he looked at the logo and noticed that it was a five sided shape, a pentagram, which is also a symbol of the illuminati....i think we have a connection here...what do you think?
  2. hoser

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    you have a loooot of time on your hands.
  3. ja4079

    ja4079 ja4079

    Why do you have a black ups shirt?
  4. ja4079

    ja4079 ja4079

    Why do you have black ups shirt?
  5. I have one too....
  6. helenofcalifornia

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    Talking about black UPS our center all the management have started wearing them. Is this true in all centers or is this just a "West coast thang?"
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    I'd keep it quiet, or else the black helicopters will come take you away...
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    FINALLY, a thread worth reading....
  9. rod

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    If you wear a tin foil hat they can't see you.
  10. i bought a gallon of 1% milk and a 12 pack of ruby red squirt tonight.
    total..... $6.66

    that and your post and im not sleeping tonight.
  11. IfAndWhenWeRise

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    well ,some things just need to be investigated
  12. IfAndWhenWeRise

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    hoser, some things just need to be investigated, esp if it concerns us since we are employees

    ja4079, i have a black ups shirt b/c im a supervisor, and thats what we wear

    helenofcalifornia, im not sure if all the hubs do black shirts, but im on the east coast, so im guessin they all do, i have only been workin for ups for only about 5 months...what did your sups wear b4 the black shirts?

    spitt2000, the black helicopters arent gonna get me, cuz this **** is anonymous, i can say whatever i want, i dont need the tin foil either, lol

    JustAnotherBody, try heatin up the milk a bit, itll put you right to sleep

    over9five, thanks, im glad you appreciate my post, but i want to know what your opinions are, do yous see any truth to the ideas i put forth