UPS Overgoods.How does this facility work? Is there any chance a customer can get in contact?

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Hello BC community,

I am UPS customer who, after many shippings with UPS, had an issue with a package for the first time. I am not sure if I can ask this, but I just need some info to understand how UPS handles investigations and see if there is still hope to get a lost package.

Just a quick description of what happened. My package was shipped from Italy(by my father) to Chicago, IL, and was supposed to be delivered June 29. It was a big box full of clothes, shoes, a watch and some personal stuff which I was really bound to. No value was declared and it had no insurance.
The package never arrived and so an investigation begun. The last update(import scan) was in Louisville, KY, which I think it's the facility which store International air shippings after they land. After 30ish days without updates, the investigation was declared closed and UPS told me it is liable for the loss and my father could ask for a refund(100$ at most since no value was declared). I was also told by the CS that probably that package might be still in the warehouse in KY, even if they did not find it, maybe either because the label was destroyed or because the covid is really messing everything up in the warehouses.

Now, I would like to have your opinion if possible, since every time I called the CS, I had different and opposite answers.
Even if a refund is on its way, is there still any chance that the claim/investigation department is going to keep looking for the lost package?
Some CS employee told me "do not worry, they'll find it", others "no way they're keeping look for it".
I also read that if it is found with a destroyed label it is supposed to be sent to a Overgoods warehouse in Missouri( or maybe Utah too). If so, is there any way to get in contact with them? Should I go through the CS as usual? I am just afraid that if that's the case, my father will never be notified by this UPS Overgoods as he lives on the other side of the world. I'd be grateful if you can share part of this process.



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No value was declared

There is likely your problem. As far as I recall the only thing that can be shipped internationally with no value is paper. Clothes and stuff you described needs a value for customs. It's probably held up in some customs warehouse somewhere.

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It will turn up eventually. Just depends on how long you are willing to wait.
That's the truth.
It's probably somewhere in the Kentucky building -- would be my guess.
If part of the shipping label is unreadable for whatever reason, an employee has to re-scan it, if possible, then it will end up on the correct truck, it will be headed in your direction.


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Used clothing is a big no no. New clothes have to have tag on it to be considered new.

What is the last scan on it?


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The rewrap clerk in our hub tosses half of all damages right into the dumpster.
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