UPS OVERNITE driver Killed

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by toonertoo, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. toonertoo

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    You never know it just might make us think twice before heading out of UPS.
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  2. upsdude

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    So sad, the guy makes it to age 69 then gets killed at work. My thoughts to his family.
  3. HazMatMan

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    Very sad indeed, seems like it was definately avoidable. Just one question. Why on earth would somebody still be working at age 69?
  4. dammor

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    Probably because Central States took over their penson plan. I know that's not true, but it's the only reason I can think of. It's a bitch to work for that long and get killed on the lot. Everyday it would seem is a bonus if you live through it. I'm sad for those that knew and loved him...........
  5. local804

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    Very good point

    Hazmatman - have you ever seen the seniority list for our districts feeder list? There are quite a few 40+ year veterans and we have a 25 and out pension. There is one guy that goes out east that looks like death, and pretty soon time will take its toll.
  6. RockyRogue

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    Maybe its time for UPS to institute a nationwide or corporate policy on retirement age. That won't happen with the condition of the various Teamster pension funds, though. What a shame...endangering the public's life, too.

    I don't know the first place to look into this information but it wouldn't surprise me if St. Louis UPS ground/hub facilities were Central States. This being a Freight facility, I know that's not the case. -Rocky
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  7. LKLND3380

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    Corporate will say the victim was at fault IF he was not Yard Control Certified or not wearing a reflective vest.
  8. MR_Vengeance

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    don't know if this the shifter's fault, but i've seen some of them driving nuts in the yard. i was pulling a load one time and this shifter made an u-turn right infront of me:ohmy: .
  9. RockyRogue

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    Saw one the other day where a shifter pulling a container almost collided with a feeder rig as the feeder rig was pulling a container from the Primary. The horn blare was deafening. The feeder driver kept the horn going for at least a full minute, let off for a second and pulled it again for another minute. I saw another time where they passed entirely too close. One driver wasn't paying attention to where he was going, I guess, but the other was and turned in time. Not having a radio I don't know what went out in either case but it couldn't have been a real happy group in the locker room at the end of the shift. SLOOOOOW your happy a$$es down!! -Rocky
  10. Covemastah

    Covemastah we keep you alive to serve this ship

    working in yard shifting is very dangerous,the shifter should yeild ,
    [in my opinion] to the feeder who has more blind spots and cant steer it as quick. as for the vest, i work in a hub ****er and feeder work all shifters are good at my hub and we all communicate well with each other.major problem is feeder drv walking to and from office during peak hours at nite they havn't got vest on for that walk and iv'e seen close calls.i'm sure the day will come that when u.p.s will adress that issue.
  11. HazMatMan

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  12. local804

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    There was a death in NJ not too long ago where a pt sup was wedged between the truck and the bay door.
    Btw He was wearing a vest.
    Some other safety measure has to be done. Life is too short.
    Its bad enough UPS takes away from your social life, last thing your family needs is you not to come home from work in one piece.
  13. HazMatMan

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    I heard he ran behind the trailer to grab a package that fell out, I could be wrong. No package is worth my life.
  14. RockyRogue

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    I think they could. Other companies have a mandatory retirement age. Teamsters would howl foul and it would take years for the actual policy to be implemented. Shame on all parties. -Rocky
  15. Just Lurking

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    St Louis (Earth City/Jeff Avenue) and eastern half of Missouri are members of Local 688. We are not in the CS pension plan but in the Teamster Local 688 [SIZE=-1]NegotiatedPension Plan.

    Most likely UPS Freight will be members of Local 600 (freight). Local 688 is a misc. local with members in grocery, warehouse, soda and beer delivery. [/SIZE]Also, Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus performers/employees are members of our local.
  16. Sammie

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    Why would he still be working at age 69? You would be shocked at the number of folks who aren't financially prepared - not to say that this man was not.

    I read on this site some of your thoughts regarding investing and I think Yeah For You! I worked in the Safety Dept and came in close contact with drivers who were off work due to injuries or suspended for an accident, etc.

    Many of these drivers confided that they couldn't afford an hour off of work due to living so far beyond their means. A week off w/o pay and they would lose their homes.

    Some had no checking accounts, no savings accounts. Never went in for the UPS savings plan deductions. Everything that came in went right back out. One guy was always so broke that he stole other's lunches out of the fridge.

    We have our own 'retirement gathering' every year to say goodbye to those who retired that year and those who are retired also stop by, as they're not allowed back in the building once they leave for good.

    There are older gentlemen here who are still employed and can't retire because they're so unprepared.
  17. local804

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    Why would you think the Teamsters would howl foul? Is this an assumption on your part?
    Why is it that the NYPD does not discriminate apon age but you must be under 35 to join?
  18. RockyRogue

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    Its the way of the Reamsters, Local804. It kinda makes sense, too: keep as many members on the roll for as long as possible. And then, above, read Sammie's post about being underprepared for retirement. I don't consider it an assumption. I consider it reasonable belief. As to the NYPD...they have a reason for the maximum start age (ie fitness, etc) And I believe officers periodically undergo fitness exams/tests. If they fail them, they're put on desk or building duty. -Rocky
  19. cachsux

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    I do a lot of shifting and in turn could say I`ve seen lots of streeters "driving nuts" in the yard. Last I checked we both came out of the same locker room.
  20. cachsux

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