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    Does anyone know why UPS seems to have no problem with their drivers working so much overtime, while the USPS and FedEx do everything they can to see that their employees are off the clock before they reach overtime pay.

    What makes our business model so different? I have been a driver for over 15 years and I have never had this fully explained to me. If you work 40 drivers 1.5 hours each of overtime at $43 an hour, that overtime pay could have paid 11 additional drivers 8 hours at $28 an hour and everyone could have been done in 8 hrs.

    What am I missing here? Is it the pension contributions or the benefits?

    The latest push at our center is Stops Per Car. Our manager spent 15 minutes at a PCM explaining to 20 drivers why he had to cut a route to meet our Stops Per Car. I figure at $43 an hour times 20 drivers that 15 minutes would equal $215. That would have paid for the route they cut.
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    Except for a few service levels the USPS doesnt have a guarantee, so if its not done today...theres always tomorrow, a lot of FDX drivers dont work 8 hour the cost of benefits, more package cars, pension....thats the reasons i would think
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  4. Re-Raise

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    How does laying off a driver for a day and working the five drivers around him 2 hours of overtime each save on pension and benefit contributions?
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    The pension and H&W contributions are usually capped at 40 hrs. They don't have to contribute for the laid off person and the 2 hrs O/T that the other drivers worked. That is assuming that the other drivers work over 40 hrs.

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    Honestly re-raise

    This is their business model and they are sticking to it.
    Until someone new runs the company and puts a stop to overtime, this will continue forever.

    Just take the extra stops, deliver in the dark, don't care about their computer numbers and make the extra 10 - 15 K a year.

    If the company was worried about us making their numbers, they wouldn't have bugged the cars which killed the runners and gunners. They won't stop until all the extra money we make doesn't make sense to them.

    Stay out late, keep your bulkhead door closed, follow EDD and pay off your house sooner. When you get enough seniority, you can work inside for less money and get your flat 8 hours.
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    So if a driver is laid off he still has his benefits. They still have to provide insurance and vacations to the drivers sitting at home.

    How do they determine the pension contributions? Is it the highest number of full-time employees who worked any day that week or what? And even if they save 1 or 2 pension contributions I think that is about $300 a piece I make $300 a week in overtime myself.
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    I am not complaining Heff, I just am trying to understand. You tell people that business is slow so they lay people off. Then you explain that you are still working 55 hours a week and they get that what the *&^% look on their face.
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    I think the reason is mainly the cost of putting another pc on the road.
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    I think you are missing the 11 extra package cars, 3 preloaders, mechanical work on package cars, construction costs to the package center to hold the eleven cars, and the pension, vacation, and health and welfare costs of the eleven drivers.
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    The pension and H&W rates are negotiated in the contract. They are paid according to hrs worked. If you work 10 hrs/week - they contribute 10 hrs. If you work 40 hrs/week - they contribute 40 hrs. If you work 50 hrs/week - they contribute 40 hrs.
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    Then why is it different for FedEx and USPS. I don't believe we are cutting miles at our center when they cut routes. We just have fewer drivers running more miles a piece at time and a half.
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    Okay the package cars are still sitting at our building, the preloaders make 1/5 what a driver makes an hour for overtime. Wait a minute why would we need more preloaders to load the same amount of packages just divided among more cars?

    And we still log as many miles straining our mechanic with mechanical work on our package cars. Our building also has room for the cars sitting outside to be placed inside.
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    My copy of 710's contract says $297.00 a week for each full-time employee effective August 1, 2008 to the pension fund.

    It doesn't say anything about hours worked.
  15. Big Babooba

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    different supplement
  16. 705red

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    Get with your steward or agent, thats the same language we have, but if you do not work or get paid vacation for the week your pension will not be contributed towards for the week. Pm lu710
  17. Re-Raise

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    Does this mean that if we run 18 routes on Monday and 20 routes on Wednesday the company has to pay for 20 employees that week?

    It doesn't matter who works those days does it?
  18. 705red

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    If you get paid for any time for the week safety. running 1 air stop, dump stop etc, if you get a paycheck, you get your pension.
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    I did not want to start a new thread for this question, and I did search but could not find the answer I was looking for.

    What is the maximum amount per hour (Not Including Overtime) that a driver can make? Is there a cap off point or do you guys just keep getting raises till you retire...or die!(sorry)
  20. Re-Raise

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    I understand that I get credit for the week but I am still trying to understand how much pension cost savings the company can realize by cutting routes on a day to day basis.

    I haven't been laid off in the 16 years I have driven or the 7 years I preloaded before that. I just don't see why we pay unlimited overtime to our drivers when other businesses are trying to eliminate all overtime.