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    I been a cover driver for a few years now, have about 6 years on the local sort ( i still work local sort when i dont drive)
    I see 1800hr is credited towards a fulll year of pension... even though i'm still part time, im going to be working 1800 hrs this year, so how does this effect my pension?
    Also do I need 5 years as a full time driver to get the pension (just like how i needed to work the the local sort 5 years to get my pension)

    I get $60 a month for ever year I been working.... If I work 1800hrs in a year do i get the full time pension rate?
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    It depends on you local. I know some locals, cover drivers don't get pension time added until they go FT. My local doesn't have PT cover driver language. You stay a split driver until you get a bid. You have to wait five years for pension accumulation though.
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    I should be still contributing to my part time local sort pension at least
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    By me the part time pension is held by the company and the full time is held by the union, which makes them 2 completely different entities. And in order to be vested we need 5 years for each. I have 6 part time years that will result in a small pension, and hopefully when I turn 55 I will retire with a full, full time pension, assuming my body won't be all busted up from all the overtime we've been getting
  5. I'm pretty sure this is different per local. But sadly, I think that I won't get an increase in my pension even working full time hours. This only bothers me because the amount of years that I will be working full time hours but getting part time pension. In my center it's about 12 years of service before people are going full time. I have 7.5 years in, and i'm hoping to go full time before the next contract in case there are changes made that would hurt new full timers.
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    No. While this varies region by region, it typically takes a PT employee 750 hours to receive a full year of pension credit. If you're PT, then you're in the PT plan and don't receive credit for any hours worked over 750. The 1800 hour figure is for a full year of FT pension credit; any less for either results in the credit year being pro-rated accordingly. The PT pension plan and the FT pension plan are both different and both require five years of service in order to be vested.

    We actually have a few high seniority PT'ers (15-20+ years) that probably won't have much of a pension waiting for them when they retire, as they typically go home 3+ days a week and there's no way they're accruing their required 750 hours per year.
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    Are you in the western conference??
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    In the Northeast, it does not work like this. PT's are not capped and can earn a a full year of pension credit by working 1800 hours. The plan is the same, it just goes by how many hours you work a year regardless of being FT or PT.
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    Isn't there something in this new contract that counts now more time for the guys only working 3 days a week?
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    I don't think so. There were some minor changes, but they applied to earning vesting years: