UPS pilots agree to fly to Haiti for free

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    UPS pilots agree to fly to Haiti for free - MSN

    Members of the Independent Pilots Association, which represents United Parcel Service Inc.’s 2,800 pilots, have offered to fly aid missions to Haiti without pay.

    The pilots union has established an electronic volunteer database for its members to sign up for the missions.

    Jackie Blair, a public relations manager for Louisville-based UPS Airlines, said Thursday the airline likely will fly aid to Haiti, but no flights have been scheduled.
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    Do you think Obama wants his rescue efforts upstaged by a company that delivers packages?
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    I hope they have bomb bay doors on the planes. I wouldn't want to be on the ground when the natives found out there was a plane full of good stuff just sitting on the runway- free for the taking.:surprised:
  4. I think that it is awesome that the IPA members would volunteer to do this!!

    They are a Class Act!!! I hope the 2727 guys volunteer as LoadMasters or ACM's!