UPS Pilots Ratify New Contract

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    Agreement passes by wide margin, enhances wages, pension and scheduling

    UPS (NYSE:UPS) pilots represented by the Independent Pilots Association today ratified a new labor agreement that becomes amendable Sept. 1, 2021.

    The agreement was voted on by 98.7% of the association membership, with 91.6% percent voting to ratify. Terms of the agreement become effective Sept. 1, 2016 and run through Sept. 1, 2021. The contract covers 2,579 pilots at UPS Airlines.

    Key components of the ratified agreement include:
    • Immediate increases of 14.65% and a signing bonus in place of retroactive pay
    • 3% annual wage increases through the span of the contract
    • Enhanced pension benefits
    • Crew rest enhancements, including reduced duty period limits for overnight and international flights; additional sleep facilities at major gateways; and sleep modules in UPS B767 aircraft
    "We are happy that our crewmembers have accepted this win-win contract offer,” said Brendan Canavan, UPS Airlines president. "Together, we have succeeded in taking care of both our people’s needs and our business objectives."
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    Must be nice
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    They have worked without a contract for at least 4-5 years so, yes, it is nice that they finally reached agreement on a 5 year deal.

    The only part that would concern me is the "signing bonus in lieu of back pay", which I would have to imagine saved the company a butt load of money.
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    Captain gets $60k, FO gets $40k signing bonus.
    Average captain makes $291,000 per our PR group.
    Average flight time is 20 hours per month.
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    More like 20 hours per week.
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    Now I am on browser, still don't know where or how to post. Someone draw it out for me por favor? I have app and browser open..
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    Negative. Flight time...OOOI time. Know what that means?
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    That 15% pay bump will probably cover any money they would have lost from the signing bonus... What was our last raise 2%?????