UPS planning big bash to celebrate centennial

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  1. cheryl

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    [​IMG] UPS planning big bash to celebrate centennial - MSNBC

    United Parcel Service Inc. will turn 100 next year.
  2. woodenfoot

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    will retired people be incl:crying:
  3. drdoowopp

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    I am a retiree living in Phoenix AZ I heard ther is a website where you can sign up to attend these events, Does anyone know it??:lol:
  4. neverenuff

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    I find that hard to believe. The company isn't making any they say. So, why would they celebrate anything??? They may hand out some brown rubber balls with the UPS logo and 100 years on it. Don't get your hopes up. They are cheap. Just like the parts that they put into old package cars.