UPS plans to offer pickup points for online orders

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    UPS plans to offer pickup points for online orders - Internet Retailer

    The leading shipping service for top online retailers in North America plans to introduce a service that will allow consumers to pick up their online orders from lockers in retail locations.

    United Parcel Service of North America Inc. began testing the service, called the UPS Access Point network, in July in New York City and Chicago, and plans to roll it out early next year, Alan Gershenhorn, chief commercial officer, told reporters today at a briefing in Louisville, KY.

    “Consumers don’t want to wait around for a delivery,” Gershenhorn said. “It’s easier to go to access points to pick up an item or make a return.” 26% of U.S. online shoppers say they want to receive deliveries somewhere other than their home, Gershenhorn added, citing data from a comScore Inc. study.
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    Let's just make this job totally impossible NOW ... not a little bit at a time.

    I suppose they'll attach the "My Choice" function to that and Orion will make it all mesh.
    Will-call works well here.
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    It would be nice if they set this up in rural centers, especially in winter. I'm guessing a lot of miles and bad roads could be saved if the price isn't outrageous.
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    Any business can be an Access Point, just have to sign up. Customer still has to pay for the service, just like sending it to a UPS Store.
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    I am sure you already do this by delivering chasers in town.
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    This would be great. Too bad UPS won't set someone up as a place customers can drop off stuff for us to pick up. They say that violates their contract with UPS Stores. Small towns aren't going to ever get a UPS store, so we lose thousands of pieces per year to the local PO.
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    We have some of those amazon lockers at a couple 7-11's around here. Any of you guys have those?

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    The Office Depot here is a dropoff / shipping center. They average between 200-300 pieces daily. We don't have a UPS store so I'm guessing that's how they are able to classify OD as a shipping center without any violations of the contract.