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    In the last year we have had a few drivers charged with an accident for hitting and killing dogs. In twenty six years with UPS I have had the misfortune to hit a few dogs, but I was never charged with an accident. Is this a new UPS policy or a district change? What’s going on in other centers regarding this issue?
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    The way it is here, if the dog is in the road, then too bad for the dog. If we run over one in the driveway, then UPS is liable. I have had many experiences with both the last twenty four years, and I have never been charged with an accident. Thankfully, I haven't killed one in a couple of years, so I don't know of any recent policy changes.
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    So Scratch.......using your example......does this hold true when we are being attacked by a home owners mutt...that when we boot the little ******* 15 feet across the lawn...that we/UPS is liable?
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    UPSBOT When UPS Was Fun

    Come on guys, what's the policy in your center. We need to know. If this policy isn't company wide then we need to fight this change at our local level.
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    We had 2 this year. One pasted on the road was unavoidable, one pancaked in the driveway was avoidable. What are you supposed to do when it's running around your vehicle nipping at the tires? No leash, no fault. I don't care if it is your property.
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    After 20 years I finally hit my first dog this past summer! I felt terrible because I knew the people and the dog was friendly but the stupid thing just liked to chase me down the subdivision road and got a little too close! I went back and told the people and apologized but they new it was an accident and admited Beagle Boy shouldn't have been chasing me. I called the center and my boss went out and talked to them the next day and apologized again. If we hit a dog the center is charged $1000 for the accident but we are not charged with an accident. They buried the dog and I never heard anything else about it!
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    Since I see you have no sense of humor. What Scratch stated has been the policy here in my Center for 30 years
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    Same here. I always call and tell my on-car about it when I kill one.
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    can you call in advance?:happy2:
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    I hit one with the bumper of a 400 about 20 yrs ago. The owner said, "oh, he was always chasing the truck and it was bound to happen." When the dog came to and didn't die, they wanted UPS to pay vet bills. I wasn't charged because there was a leash law and the dog was hit on the neighbor's long driveway. One of the neighbors told me a few weeks later that the dog recovered and got killed chasing a car. I love dogs, but in this case I laughed.

    I had another car chaser that always ran in front of the truck on a rural route I used to cover. I had one of the old 600's and as I drove past the house, I turned off the ignition. As the dog caught up with the rear of the car, I turned it back on. It backfired like a cherrybomb and the dog never chased the car again.
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    What if you run into a ditch trying to hit a dog? Would that be unavoidable?
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    We had a driver that was told he would be charged with an accident for running over the dog... then the on road found out that the dog was ran over in front of the neighbors house. So it was'nt on the owners property so it was not UPS's fault.

    Another driver ran over a cat... Cats are fair game you can run them over and it's ok... good for you, bad for the cat:laughing:
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    i drove for 20 years and the only thing i ever hit was a rabbit, it got caught between the rear tires. for about 50-60 feet all i heard was thump thump..then nothing. and no the rabbits name wasn't

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    That's nasty! Poor wabbit.
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    Was it wabbit hunting season?
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    I know of no official policy in our center.

    IMO, when a dog is killed by any car, truck, motorcycle, etc., it is a case of suicide by passing vehicle.
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    Funny you should mention that. I finally got my first pheasant on opening day of the season. Unfortunately, I was in the pkg car at the time. It hit square in the grill. Messed the grill and the pheasant up pretty good. Who needs a gun?:happy2:
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    I never know when pheasant season begins. The fun begins when you catch one in the windshield. Talk about Pheasant under glass! Whoa, Nellie!
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    You guys are all whimps!!!

    Get back to me when you've hit a moose!

    (DISCLAIMER - The above "whimp" reference was NOT a flame. Please don't return fire. A wise sage recently said, "water off the back of a duck....)
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    One of our customer counter clerks was shifting a vehicle from center to center, she hit a cow.....:knockedout: Don't ask me how. Yes, it was brown. How did she hit that brown cow....

    It was foggy.