UPS Predicts Record-Breaking National Returns Day


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  • UPS expects to process a record 1.9 million returns Jan. 2, 2020, up 26% from the prior year.
  • This will mark a seventh consecutive record, illustrating how e-commerce continues transforming shopping patterns.
  • UPS offers convenience and transparency in the returns process, benefitting both consumers and retailers.
UPS (NYSE: UPS) predicts a seventh consecutive record-breaking National Returns Day as consumers send back holiday orders ranging from ill-fitting sweaters to duplicate kitchen gadgets. On Jan. 2, consumers are expected to deposit 1.9 million returns packages into the UPS network – a 26% spike from last year’s peak returns day.

This process is a change from years past, when consumers would rush to physical retailers the day after Christmas and stand in long lines to make returns. UPS has helped rewrite that narrative by offering both retailers and consumers tools to make the returns process flexible, transparent and profitable. Now, consumers make purchases with returns in mind, and, according to the UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper study, 73% of online shoppers say the returns experience affects their likelihood to buy from a retailer again.

“For retailers, a seamless returns process is essential to keeping and growing business,” said Kevin Warren, UPS chief marketing officer. “We proudly offer businesses of all sizes – from global players to small and medium-sized merchants – the sophisticated returns services that today’s consumers demand.”

U.S. consumers can take their UPS Returns® packages to:

  • More than 36,000 UPS drop boxes for smaller packages with labels.
  • UPS delivery drivers, who can directly receive a return package with a label.
  • More than 4,800 The UPS Store® locations, which in addition to UPS Access Point® services, can help with full-service packing, shipping and returns needs.
  • More than 14,000 UPS Access Point® locations, including Michaels, Advance Auto, CVS Pharmacy and The UPS Store® locations, which accept pre-labeled UPS packages.
Click here to learn more about UPS’s Access Point network and to find an easy returns location near you.

Retailers can make the most of their returns process with UPS services such as:

  • UPS Returns® Manager is a portal offering shippers control and visibility over their returns. The service allows shippers of all sizes to create and manage returns policies and designate the return destination;
  • UPS Print Return Labels can be included in outbound shipments to simplify the returns process;
  • UPS Electronic Return Labels can be emailed to consumers directly from UPS to improve their returns experience;
  • UPS Returns® Plus allows the merchant to send a driver to deliver a return label and pick up the return package from any address;
  • UPS Returns® Exchange is when a driver simultaneously picks up the return item in exchange for the replacement item delivery; and
  • UPS Mail Innovations® Returns allows customers to return flat and lightweight packages through the postal channel of his or her choice; and
  • Optoro and UPS work together to provide a streamlined reverse logistics solution that combines UPS’s operational and logistics expertise with Optoro’s returns optimization platform that can help maximize recovery value and reduces harmful environmental waste.


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Just think of all the millions of man hours (woman hours actually) and wasted fuel used up over the last month buying worthless junk that NOBODY wants. Gift cards and cash are the ONLY way to go.


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Just think of all the millions of man hours (woman hours actually) and wasted fuel used up over the last month buying worthless junk that NOBODY wants. Gift cards and cash are the ONLY way to go.
This has been a big reason peak goes well into Jan now. Lots of returns and then people ordering with gift cards