UPS, pregnancy and surviving as a woman.... Need some experienced help! Thanks!

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    Alright, so I posted something very similar in another thread - but I'm not sure anyone will see what I was asking on top of it, so here it goes fresh.......

    So, I am planning on starting a family. We are really excited and already started trying for the last couple of weeks. Now, suppose I get a positive result right away or down the road - I need to know how pregnant woman and UPS works together hand in hand - what kind of work I will be allowed to do... I am a PT Pre-loader in NJ - been there for 7 months now. I am just worried about my independent stubborn attitude at work and my upcoming pregnancy - I carry my own weight around the line. A lot of the boxes are very heavy that I move and lift - and upon being pregnant, I will be asking people to help me out with multiple boxes upon multiple boxes which I'm sure that my supervisors will get annoyed with very quickly due to the fact that the heavy boxes might block egresses, pile up etc. My MAIN concern is falling, tripping, falling boxes and the main welfare of me and my growing baby. I have NO problem whatsoever doing whatever tasks UPS asks me to do during my pregnancy as long as they are safe tasks.

    1)What can I do at work (weight restrictions, etc) - worried about my baby's safety.
    - will they let me work if me and my doctor say I need light duty/less or no lifting
    -can they switch me to a sorter, unload scanner, clerk, taper, pushing carts around and odd and end work?
    2) What is FMLA? How does it work? Read UPS handbook PDF online, still very confused!
    3) Say I want to leave for 4 - 5 months (or the 6 months I'm seeing around on the web) - do i get paid, who pays me and is my job still there for me when I get back? (I saw someone post that it is illegal and against federal law to fire any woman in any job for being pregnant).

    If you know of anything else that would help, that would be great...
    To help you out - I'll let you know, I'm a stubborn girl in her mid twenties, who lifts over 70 lb boxes with ease and refuses most help offered - I am determined on being as perfect as I can load-wise - I always finish up first - help others - I'm looking to basicly still be a UPS employee throughout my pregnancy but without having to pick up anything that weighs more than 20 lbs or so, as I feel it would be a pregnancy risk. I'm one that's willing to do any work around the building to keep my PT hours - even if it's a minimum - and preferably want to go on disability/leave whatever they give you at about 3 or 4 months in - 5 1/2 months at the latest, and take off through rest of my pregnancy and about 1 - 2 months continued after pregnancy for breastfeeding and bonding reasons.... and rest of course.

    Sorry if my post is either confusing or long or both - and I'm sure most of you who are reading this are men - so I appreciate you reading and your input A LOT. If you are a woman at UPS who is currently pregnant or has been in the past and returned to work, I would be thrilled if you could contact me! THANKS AGAIN! YOU GUYS ARE GREAT! HAVE A GOOD NIGHT!


    Would you suggest I talk to my union rep/shop stewart when the time arrises? The day I get a positive test result I should be upfront I believe... is this the right way and the right UPS way to go about this? Thanks.
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    I've never been pregnant but my wife has twice. It sure was alot of fun trying!! I would never in a million years want her to have to do this kind of work and be pregnant. My advice is to take care of yourself at all costs this job isn't worth it.
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    i had a child in 2009....congrats on the trying. it's AMAZING and I love it. I have a little girl.

    FMLA is by nature, unpaid. you are required to take your vacation time before FMLA kicks in, so you will be paid for vacation days if you have any when the baby comes. I think you can get up to 6 months of FMLA as a mother (don't quote me on that)

    I can't imagine anyone (even stupid management) asking you to do something to put your little baby at risk. if there is something you are doing that you do not feel comfortable doing, talk to your supervisor.
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    Thank you for that advice. I realize that too when i get home in the morning and realize I just loaded 3 trucks for 50 something dollars or less before taxes and dues! If I could get off for 6 months - but still be an employee and get the benefits and go back later, I'd do that! :o)
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    thanks, upssalesguy too..... so i guess when the time comes, if i'm not comfortable i'll just speak up. worst comes to worse - FMLA 3 months in or right away and i'll figure it out from there. if it weren't for the upcoming benefits and little extra cash i have to pay my miniscule bills, from this job, i would never stay - no matter what the situation - us preloaders do WAY too much for the cash we get :o( - but that's life - have a job can't complain fully!

    thanks on the trying by the way, and congrats on your girl! :o)
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    In NJ pregnancy falls under disablity, you will get IIRC 4 weeks pre and 6 weeks post-delivery (maybe more if delivery by C-Section) paid for by the state, and NJ has a paid FMLA law on the books so you can extend the paid time off thru that. Look at this website:
    You would fall under the "bonding" section. Good luck with starting a family.
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    FMLA provides for 12 weeks of unpaid time. "In general, to be eligible an employee must have worked for an employer for at least 12 months, have worked at least 1,250 hours in the 12 months preceding the leave, and work at a site with at least 50 employees within 75 miles." A part time position for 7 months will probably not qualify you for FMLA.

    Your state may have some specific state laws but the federal law is 12 unpaid weeks during which the company must hold your job for you or return you to a similar position/seniority when you return.
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    Not true, it varies from state to state.
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    We've had some women file for disability instead of FMLA.
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    I was pregnant as a driver, so it may be a little different as a pre-loader, but my doctors advice was use careful lifting methods and you should be fine. Your body is used to the physical labor. You will be surprised how much you use your abdomen to handle packages. Now when it comes to over weights, get some help. Most people aware of your situation will be glad to help out with them. I worked up to my last month. I was off a total of 11 weeks. I went on short term disability, but check with your areas FMLA laws and contract to see what is available for you. Depending on how your pregnancy goes will determine how long you will be off. If you have complications and end up with a high risk pregnancy, then expect to be off most of it. Best of luck to you starting your family.
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    Always, always, apply for FMLA as INTERMITTENT! If you do so you can take time off for the delivery and recovery and any remaining time can be saved for any doctor follow ups, infant sick days, etc. This also means you can use FMLA to leave early or after your guaranteed hours if need be.

    FMLA is 12 weeks for a fulltime employee but you can use your vacation time to your advantage to increase your available time off. Schedule your vacations for your time of delivery, use them up, and then go on FMLA and you will still have the full 12 weeks.
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    Your problem is 3-fold....

    With only 7 months you do not qualify for FMLA. Part-time employees need 3 years and 625 hours the prior year.

    With only 7 months.... Unless your Local or "area" has a different agreement.... you don't have insurance yet.

    In reading your post.... I understand the concern for your health and child. soon as you are put on restrictions

    you cannot meet the "essential functions of the job" which includes lifting up to 70lbs.

    Most of the time.... it is the persons Doctor that "jumps the gun" when they find out what you do.

    They do that to limit "personal liability" or get sued for malpractice.

    Even when you are a seniorty employee with insurance....

    You take an unpaid leave of absence until your short-term disability kicks in for birth of a child.

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    OP, we have 2 out right now for pregnancy. 1 driver and 1 preload. They both have been out for most of the 9 mos. I believe they both are out on short term disability. Unfortunately in your case, you probably won't have much in the way of short term disability benefits. Do, by all means, talk to your steward. Your steward will have the most accurate info. Good luck.
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    Yes talk to your stewart. Definitely do not put that baby at risk for this hell whole.
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    Be glad your not in mgt, I have heard stories of women being told that it doesn't matter if they ever see their family! Just get the numbers.
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    Fortunately the laws apply to them as well. Unfortunately their using them can affect their career.