UPS Pregnancy Dispute Gets U.S. Supreme Court Review

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    UPS Pregnancy Dispute Gets U.S. Supreme Court Review - Bloomberg

    The court said it will hear an appeal by a UPS driver who says the company’s refusal to give her a temporary light-duty assignment violated the U.S. Pregnancy Discrimination Act.

    Peggy Young, who worked at a UPS facility in Landover, Maryland, became pregnant in 2006 and was told by her doctor not to lift objects weighing more than 20 pounds for the first half of her pregnancy and more than 10 pounds thereafter.

    She said UPS told her the company’s union contract made a light-duty assignment available only to workers with job-related injuries, those considered permanently disabled under the Americans With Disabilities Act, and those who lost their federal driver’s certification. Employees with non-job-related injuries weren’t eligible.
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    I don't think she has a very strong case but the court will decide now.
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    My local had a very similar case last year....pregnant FT female driver denied weight restrictive TAW....forced out on unpaid leave. With support from the ACLU, she filed a federal complaint with the EEOC.
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    My center they started a new policy once you file workers comp claim, you have to see the company doctor first, and a fulltime UPS supervisor has to be with in the room when you tell the doctor what happened.
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    I thought all supervisors and center manager's had a Doctors degree. They all act that way.
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    I'm not saying that doesn't happen but it shouldn't. Article 14 section 1 paragraph 8 says they need the employees consent they should just tell them to get out.
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    The court needs to read BC before ruling. Pregnancy could be a job related injury since at one time or another we all get screwed! :)
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    And the company will be sued in Federal Ct for violating HIPPA privacy laws. They're feeding you a line of bull.

    If you get hurt on the job and can't drive the employees should call an ambulance for transportation to the ER. UPS management can get into hot water for transporting injured employees that need medical assistance for acute injuries.

    Email the HHS office in Chicago (or the one in your area if available) and report any time that management enters your examination room without the employee's consent.

    I guarantee you it won't happen more than once in your building if reported.
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