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    Hello everybody,

    My problem/question is I ordered something from ups and there is C.O.D fees for $22.41. UPS does not accept cash at delivery so they left and said I could pick it up as well. The tracking on the site says first attempt made, will they make one tomorrow even though I couldn't pay today?
    I got a cheque now and want them to come tomorrow but I don't know if i'm wasting my time waiting for it or if I MUST pick it up. So my real question is will I have to call them to tell them to deliver it again, or have to pick it up?

    Other information:

    -I was there just couldn't pay
    -I only received the customs paper
    -I did not receive any other papers telling me information

    I will be paying by cheque if they come but will they give me my order right there and then?
    Will they come earlier than today because its the 2nd attempt? E.X. Package will be placed at front of the truck because could not be delivered yesterday?

    I thank you in advance I have been struggling with this all day much appreciated.

    Sorry I apologize I live in Canada.
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  2. Monkey Butt

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    In which country do you live? That matters.
  3. domdom553

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    I live in Canada
  4. Monkey Butt

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    There are a few people on here from Canada ... I send them a message and ask them to help you out.
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    How come when you do this kind of stuff upstatenyupser doesnt say a word buy when I do it he has a hissy fit??????
  6. DS

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    dom,I live in Canada as well.
    No, they will be back tomorrow unless you specified you would pick it up.
    If you have to go out,leave the cheque taped to your main door .
    If you like, leave a note to tell him where to leave the package.
    Next time if you order from the USA,try to have the package sent any
    way other than standard,(expedited,express saver,express)as ups will pay the brokerage.
    There may be duty or gst due,depending on the contents.
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    He is respectful to his elders.
  8. domdom553

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    Thanks guys appreciated:)
  9. DS

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    moreluck would disagree:wink2:
  10. DS

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    No sweat man.if you have other questions,feel free to ask.
    We have experts in every field here at the cafe:smart:
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    He talks like he is the elder.
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    I like elderberries !!
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    Back to the OP--your package was not sent COD but instead has Brokerage Fees, which are fees assessed to handle the customs (douanes) paperwork. You said that you already got a check (cheque)--did you make it out to "UPS"? Do not make it out to the shipper. You do not have to be home to accept delivery--simply leave the cheque in an envelope on your front door and the driver will release your package. Please let us know how this turns out. Dave.
  14. code5

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    I'm from Canada as well. If there is a problem with second attempt your best bet is to call 1 800 PICK UPS and give them number on bottom of infonotice and asked that it be held for pickup. Do not ask for it to be held for pickup on a note on your front door, this wasts a del attempt and there is a chance you will go to a center but your package will not be there, it will be on a package car instead.

    Also, if you pickup the package you can pay by debit which is an option you may prefer.

    Another option is to call the 1800 number and ask for package to be rerouted to a more convenient address for you.
  15. klein

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    My neighbor across the street, that wasn't home at the time, today, received a larger envelope from UPS , he left an info notice, and I told the driver if I could sign it (since I know that neighbor well), he said sure, but it's C.O.D of $47.00, and I said nope.
    He did thank me for asking though.
    But, I know better, as far as I know, it's a $20 CD ordered from the USA, and by the time UPS adds their brokerage fee, it becomes over $40, plus GST and import taxes = $47
    So, they might just refuse the shipment, rather then accepting it.

    I had several packages on my route refused and either sent back or UPS gave them a break on the brokerage fee.
    It's way too high !
  16. DS

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    US shippers are mostly at fault.They honestly have no idea this fee is added and believe they are paying the full shipping costs.
    They ship domestically every day with no problems,so effectually the extra charges are hidden to them.
    UPS brokerage makes a lot of money ,they fail to advertise that the charges are revoked if you choose any premium service level.
    It's indeed a ripoff,and I feel ashamed squeezing money out of everyone,especially seniors.