UPS pushes logistics to forefront

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    UPS pushes logistics to forefront - Atlanta Journal Constitution

    It’s been more than a year since UPS stopped asking and started telling.

    No longer does the Sandy Springs company prompt customers to consider what brown can do for them. Instead, in its ads, UPS professes its love for the business that pulls its myriad pieces together: logistics.

    The $6.77 billion purchase of Dutch package delivery company TNT last week — UPS’ largest-ever acquisition, by fivefold — is another piece of the puzzle that helps the company handle the cross-continental movement of goods, from packages to pallets. But it’s also a steppingstone toward UPS’ goal of providing customers a comprehensive range of solutions that go beyond simply delivering items. The newest tag line — “We [heart] logistics” — and catchy jingle just push the logistics piece to the forefront.