Ups racing has driver in top 8


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Ups finally has a driver that is actually cashing in on some of the sponsor money. Bob Vandergriff who drive's the UPS Top Fuel Dragster secured himself a position in the top 8 countdown to the championship yesterday. He currently sit's #6 and still can make a move to 4 or 5 depending on how he make's out in Maple grove next weekend. I think UPS should promote this driver and throw the towel in on DJ for the rest of this year!!


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I hope this is true, Drag. In reading Drag Race Central yesterday, second round, the commentator said he could have secured his spot if he would have won over Troxel. He didn't win and they said he would have to wait til Reading to clinch the spot.

But, on, it says he DID clinch a spot. Good! I hope that's true. But I looked at the Powerade points total and the dreaded (Barry Bonds) asterisk is not present behind his name, indicating a spot. I hope it's just an oversight on their part.

If so, my congrats to Bob and the team on a job well done. I, as you, feel their accomplishments should be worth more then what they are being given, at least companywise.


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Your absolutely right Dragracer, they need to dump Jarret and find themselves an up and coming rookie to put the UPS car in the top ten in NASCAR. Ol' Dale has been quite the disappointment for quite some time! Why in hades did they follow him over to the TOYOTA car?!? If we performed as bad as he did they would be looking for reasons to fire us a looooooong time ago:w00t:


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Well maybe DJ is just simply following methods, so he can't be fired and Vandergriff is leaving the bulkhead door open all the time and running his lunches!!!!!! Knowing how UPS operates these days, they would probably pull the sponsorship from Vandergriff. Just like they do out here, coddle the ones who are crappy drivers, and abuse the good ones. I would bet UPS would do something stupid like that.


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Have heard on radio recently UPS will cut ties with DJ at end of season and will also end their relationship with TOYOTA due to disappointing results.

If this is true...its about time!!!


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I'm glad to see Bob make the Top 8 but I did sitdown and calculate the points and under a worse case scenario, Bob would barely make the show. If you completely run the table, #1 qualifier, set ET record, win race, you could gain 130 plus points. There is no point configuration that I can come up with that would put Bob in the #9 slot so it's a done deal. Bob could not even show up in Maple Grove at all and still be in from my calculations.

Bob move up one or 2 spots? JR Todd is right at 5 rounds ahead of Bob and Shoey in 10 rounds so in a perfect world he could catch Todd but with nearly 200 points ahead, Shoey is out of reach.

Since Bob is locked, I just want Whit to make the Top 8. Nothing against Grub or Mel.

If you want to calculate the points yourself, here's how they break.

Third-round loser60
Second-round loser40
First-round loser20

Qualifying positions earn points as follows:
1st 8
2nd 7
3rd 6
4th 5
5th & 6th 4
7th & 8th 3
9th thru 12th 2
13th thru 16th 1

10 points to all contestants - 1 qualifying run required.
20 points for establishing an official ET record.

Where'd I get the numbers? Consult your NHRA rulebook (amazing they don't keep it a secret like NASCAR does) or their website.


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And as for Jarrett, NASCAR rumors have UPS out shopping for the 2008' season. Question is who and what make car? Have heard Kasey Kahne mentioned alot and I'm sure Kasey would incorporate the UPS name into his USAC sprints and World of Outlaw operations as well. Had it not been for the rain Kasey was gonna run the Knoxville Nationals this past weekend but when the rain last Wednesday postponed the Prelims. he parked his sprinter and spectated with Tony Stewart. And Tony watched his new hired shoe for 2008' "SMOKE" the field to take his 2nd consecutive Knoxville win.