UPS reaches labor deal with aircraft mechanics, sets up critical series of votes

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    UPS reaches labor deal with aircraft mechanics, sets up critical series of votes - Seeking Alpha

    United Parcel Service says it reached a tentative labor contract covering more than 1K aircraft mechanics after more than four years of negotiations, providing annual wage increases and preserving health coverage without employee premiums.

    The agreement sets up a critical series of votes for UPS union members on three contracts that represent more than 260K covered employees; in June, UPS agreed to a new five-year deal covering workers in small package operations, followed a few weeks later by a five-year deal covering UPS workers who haul freight.
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    an immediate 16 percent pay increase;
    3 percent raises each year, resulting in a 30.7 percent increase in pay from current rates by the end of the contract
    Meanwhile at small package drivers get less then a 2% raise each year.
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    How about that backpay check $$$$$
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    Congrats to all involved on getting this resolved. Keep in mind they have not had a raise for 4 years so an immediate 16% pay increase is really 4% a year and then 3% raise for the next 5 years so not that crazy in terms of annual increases. I'd also contend that an airline mechanics is a more specialized and skilled position than package driver. Aircraft maintenance technicians (AMTs) need to go to school for training and need to obtain FAA certification to work on aircraft. Nothing to do with the physical nature of the jobs as both are demanding, arguably the package car driver more than mechanic, but the mechanic certainly requires more specialized skills to perform their job.

    Also, Bureau of Labor Statistics show AMT job growth for next 8 years growing faster than delivery truck drivers so another factor in slightly higher annual raise percentage.
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    Glad you guys are finally getting this settled, sure took a long time. :rolleyes: