UPS Readies for B2B e-commerce

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    UPS Readies for B2B e-commerce - Cargoforwarder

    The American parcels delivery giant United Parcel Service (UPS) is not leaving the e-commerce field to the Chinese express companies or carriers. They recently decided to roll out new technology to gear themselves better towards serving their clients in the future.

    A new in-house company to be formed

    In order to get things going, UPS has decided to form a new in-house company which will be named ‘Ware2Go.’ The aim is to create a new digital platform and technology set-up which can compare warehouse space available as well as other services in order to give customers a far better service by fulfilling online orders faster and more efficiently. This, UPS says, will give its numerous smaller and mid-size customers a better e-commerce leverage for supply of goods.