UPS Ready to Make Holiday Shipping Easy and Fast

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    UPS Ready to Make Holiday Shipping Easy and Fast - Smart Money

    While you make your holiday list -- and check it twice -- UPS (NYSE: UPS) is revving up its fleet of Brown sleighs for its 101st holiday Peak Season.

    "More people entrust their shipping needs to UPS than to any other company," said Alan Gershenhorn, UPS senior vice president of worldwide sales and marketing. "And one of the reasons for that is our dedication to making the holiday shipping process easier and faster every year."
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    this is where we grab the bull by the horns.i.e dhl now gone and forgotten...we have to pick up what volume dhl would have got for christmas .lets show the usa and the world what we are about
    as a 20 year veteren of ups i want to see us rise like the phoenix and show the world what ups is really about,the dhl's come and go but we show the all including fedex going forward to our 101 year in business
    we're here for the long fedex all the way the brown train will continue to spit the purple bit from its teeth...