UPS really cares about our well being!

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    I was involved in a non-work related accident that required two surgeries and several months of rehab in which i'm currently enduring. Its not fun, just alot of pain. I never received a phone call from UPS asking how i was doing, but I did receive 3 messages from UPS mgmt. telling me I needed to bring my Driver licence and SS card by the center for Homeland security verification ASAP and that I was holding up the process.(FYI 24 years at UPS). I hoped to be cleared to go back to work in May or June. I guess they will have to wait. What would you do?
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    It is called the I-9 verification and is not UPS, it is DHS and failure to complete in a timely manner could lead to termination. It may be worth your while to pay them a visit and get the certification completed and, if you want, you can tell them "I'm fine, thanks for asking".
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    I'm suprised they haven't sent you the flowers by now i'm sure there on there way.
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    All employee info must be with the DHS by end of March. If you do not submit it, you are no longer able to hold your job at UPS. Since this is a Federal Regulation like a DOT card. You can be terminated without recourse.
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    I think you missed the point bonehead. And I just verified I can NOT be fired in my particular situation. So when I return to work in a few months it will be taken care of.
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    Anyone out of work on a medical LOA or Worker's Comp will not have to meet the 3/31/10 deadline. The key is to make sure that you are actually coded as being on leave with HR.
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    Why take the chance.
    Principle or macho doesn't feed you or pay the rent.
  9. brownmonster

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    He's gonna stick it to them by making them wait and he wonders why he doesn't get a call asking him how he is doing.
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    24 years at UPS means he is not required to do the I-9.
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    How about
    I know one person was layoff last August from IS while on medical leave.
    There were no flowers, no one from his management ever called him to see how is he doing, till the moment to tell him to bring over company laptop and his badge.
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    Come on we all know this company cares about us all its like one big happy family i'm sure they will be sending Omaha steaks or a gift card for some groceries.
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    I honestly hope you didn't ask a management person in your building. If you think they are going to give you a honest answer then I have some land to sell you, and have some investments that will make you 20% a year, PM for details!

    Easiest way to get some disability off the books that I have ever heard of!
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    if you were hired before nov 6 1986 you don't have to do the i-9 anyway
  15. trplnkl

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    Nice way to respond to someone that is trying to help answer your question. If you've verified you can't be fired and all this can wait till you return to work in a few months, why the hell are you posting this crap? Just don't do anything until May or June, everything will be fine.

    BTW, how ya doing? Progressing well and on schedule? I know someone as smart as yourself has AFLAC or equivalent so the bills aren't piling up. Right?
  16. scratch

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    I didn't have to verify because this is my case as well, although I never heard of the reasoning behind this certain cutoff date.
  17. Monkey Butt

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    This was when the last legislation was passed giving "amnesty" to illegals within the US under Reagan administration.
  18. brownmonster

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    I see you noticed also that this is one of those driver's that deserves the crap mgmnt throws at him yet still wonders why.
  19. trplnkl

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    I do admit that there are times when a driver (any hourly) seems to be asking for extra attention. However I have seen a multitude of times ,when the whole history is known, management has pushed an employee into revolt. The employee then says and does things that draw even more negative attention. It can get to be quite the catch22.
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    Because we are too old, too tired, and have no time to plan terroristic acts.
    Im just guessing.