UPS Releases Rate Adjustments for 2022


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UPS Releases Rate Adjustments for 2022 - Seller 365

UPS announced that the published rates for its UPS Ground and UPS Air services will increase by an average of 5.9% effective December 26, 2021.

This average rate increase matches rate adjustments already announced by rival carriers FedEx and DHL.

But as has been the case for several years, UPS rates increase in late December after Christmas, while the other carriers increase their rates in early January.

UPS is also increasing the rates for certain Value-Added services and Other Charges:

As of January 9, 2022, the carrier will also be renaming “Peak Surcharges” to “Peak/Demand Surcharges” and adjusting the Zip Codes for which Area Surcharges will apply.


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Out of curiosity--- what does a one pound package (no frills attached) cost to send to Zone 1 now days. I seem to remember it being something like 55 cents back when I first started. I could be off on that.