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    We did some training in the DIAD the other day on the new UPS Returns/Exchange Program. Has anyone else had it and what are your thoughts? If you have not heard about it. Basicly, if Marys laptop is broke. We deliver her a new one. She is supposed to have her old one disconnected and ready to go. We pack the old one in the reusable box. Tape it up and ship it back.
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    That is basically it. The stop will be marked with an "x' in EDD. You will deliver the empty box, help pack the return item, apply the RS label and then link this label to the return in the DIAD.
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    Not in 1 , keep moving.
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    Call me goofy, but doesn't anyone else see this leading to problems like customers claiming theft. That was the first thing I thought of, besides the added time this will cause. Debacle. I don't think this will last long at all.
  5. You are not delivering an empty box. You will remove the merchandise and exchange it with a similar item. please retake the training.
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    There is a lot of gray area. How about customer that aren't ready? Or that forgot we were coming? Now they are running around the house trying to find the old product, box, blah blah.
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    just had a discussion with my center manager regarding this new service, there's so much grey area in this whole deal that it's gonna cause problems. Who determines what is a similar item? how long should a driver wait for item to be found? What if item doesn't fit in box provided for return? See nothing but problems with this new service, hope we don't get burned by it.
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    Just don't walk into the customer's home to unhook or repack the package. Be sure to stand out on the porch in the wind, rain, snow, etc. Try to make sure the new label sticks to the box when it is damp or 50 below temps. Yep. Should work just fine.
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    I give it 6 months...for a company that's trying to shave 3 seconds off every stop with keyless entry I doubt an extra 5 minutes at these kind of stops is cost effective. Then there are the other issues,as you said,accused theft,drivers not having tape etc. The way I'm looking at it is according to the service description,the customer will have the exchange ready...what are the chances they are sitting at the front door waiting for us?!!! Doubt I'm waiting 3 minutes for them to put their dog in another room,finish their cell phone call and argue with their spouse over who put the exchange item somewhere else and then spend another 4-5 minutes repacking it. Not to mention the houses with no overhangs in the pouring rain! Just not going to happen.
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    Thank you for the clarification--it is early and I am only on my first cup of coffee.
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    You forgot about the customer telling you it's not ready come back tomorrow. The most likely scenario is that the customer isn't home.
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    Only if the person is home and the item is ready to be pickup.
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    This new "service" will be nothing more than a "dis service" at the end of the day. Our training said that the "driver" has to use "his" discretion for the length of time spent attempting the package. The problem with this is that this just isnt true.

    A driver will be delayed 10 minutes average on these stops, and in the event the customer is causing further delays and the driver decides to wheelie, the complaint will be called in and the company will surely ask us why we didnt give them 1 more minute.

    Every customer complaint will say that they only needed one minute more and that driver just wouldnt wait. There will be a pissing contest at each of these pickups. Return items wont be available, cable boxes will still be hooked up when we get there, phones will be in cars, laptops will be at work but they will want the new one anyway and customers will come to the door and say "give me a minute and take 10 minutes to come back.

    Our training said the "emphasis" for this new service is to complete the stop in ONE ATTEMPT.

    Anyone here "excited" about this new service? Who wants to interact with customers like this? Taping, boxing, inspecting, collecting and listening to the customer complaining about the item?

    NOT ME.

    Thats what the UPS store is for. They got nothing but time on their hands. Send the return boxes there, email the customer, tell them to go to the UPS store and waste those peoples time.

    Whoever thought of this ridiculous service needs to be stood against a wall and boxes thrown at him.

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    /end thread.
    We did the diad training as our pcm on Wednesday, and the silence of gloom amongst all the drivers was deafening.
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    In the training, it said, "We are glad to announce an exciting new service"....

    really? for who? Some geek in a board room eating donuts, drinking coffee and drawing on a white board? There is NOTHING exciting about this service.

    Its going to generate more complaints than ever.

    Id be excited about the service if I never have to experience one during my business day.

  16. dilligaf

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    It's exciting for the company - more revenue (UNDOUBTEDLY). A nightmare for the drivers (UNDOUBTEDLY).
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    this is the best thing to do...

    on the purple side, i've delivered empty return boxes alongside with the new replacement items from that same company (in a different box)

    The instructions and a return label are inside the blank boxes & they're instructed to pack their defective items inside and bring it into a USPS or FedEx office location...

    or we have "call tags" to pick up customers' defective items & we'll slap it on the customers' pre-packed boxes to avoid waiting for those customers... & give them the other half of that tag as their receipt that we picked it up. If they're not home, we will haveta stick a "sorry we missed you" doortag & will re-attempt up to 3x as usual.

    some will leave that defective item on their porch & when I do pick it up, I'll slap the label on the box, & with the call tag's customer receipt portion, I'll just put it in their mailbox or stick it to a doortag and slap it on their door, writing "thank you" <shrugs>

    ps: the companies that are doing this smart idea are Direct TV and some a certain gaming console :smart:
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    ^UPS has those same options as well. It seems a sales team/marketing and operations got together on this one. I assume it's only available for a certain customer and not normal operations for any and all customers?
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    I'm excited, combine this with UPS my choice service, I'm pumping my 401k up another percent. Thanks UPS for allowing me to be able to retire that much sooner. Keep these new services coming!!!!
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    Debacle, that was the very word I used. I missed the training with the group, I missed work that day. I knew about the service from a previous thread. I did the training alone the next day. It seems the group training did not stress a few things I happened to come across doing the training alone, namely: The driver must control the delivery stop; If the stop is taking too long, infonotice it; and lastly IF THE CONSIGNEE DOES NOT HAVE MERCHANDISE READY IN HAND, INFO NOTICE. I sense a combative relationship with our OMS's who are already consignee friendly. This is going to be an unmitagated disaster!