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    How does edd work does it has gps and how close are the stops near each others
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    Once again in english this time.
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    PAS/EDD is based on your DOL, which is your delivery order listing and is the way that you route is set up. It is supposed to be set up so that the route is run in the most efficient way possible but is not always the case. The distance between stops will depend upon where you are delivering. If you are in the city the stops could be next door to one another, or you may even have multiple stops at the same address, while in the country they could be 10 miles or more apart. Your DIAD does have GPS installed but I don't believe GPS is used to set up the routes--they use Google Earth or other such programs for that purpose. When you complete a stop it drops out of EDD. There is talk of a system change which would reorganize EDD during the day but that has yet to be implemented.
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    It only works as good as the information that is put in it. Garbage in garbage out. EDD is just a list of your stops it doesn't have a brain to know the location of the stop so it can put it order. With that being said neither does the person that does the dispatch on any given day.